Best Men’s Cologne in 2022

Collection of men's cologne.

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Cologne is perhaps the most important part of a man’s wardrobe. An irresistible scent can turn heads and make an excellent first impression. Similarly, a bad scent or even too much of a good one can cause an adverse effect. You need the best men’s cologne to stand out from lesser men.


Your cologne can say a lot of things about your personality. Some men like to have a collection of cologne that they switch back and forth between. Others prefer their all-time favorite scent every day of the week. Some guys abide by the science-backed scents that women find most attractive.

Whatever your preference, trying new colognes is always fun. Some scents are versatile and others are better used for specific occasions. Step outside the box and check these out to add to your arsenal. You might even find a new favorite that becomes your go-to. 

Trending Scents

We all have our favorites and nothing seems to live up to its standard. You must know which fragrances will heighten your senses and make you want to incorporate them into your attire.

Bleu De Chanel

Bleu De Chanel has a lasting scent that will transcend elegance with citrus and jasmine and settle into musky hints of patchouli and sandalwood. Launched in 2014, this scent has risen in popularity. The passing of Gaspard Ulliel, who was the face of this cologne since its release, has possibly impacted the spike in sales, yet not undeservingly. This is slowly making its way to the classics list. 

Dior Sauvage

Dior Sauvage was released in 2015 but has risen exponentially in sales in 2022. Johnny Depp is the brand ambassador for this scent, so his triumphant win against his ex-wife in court is primarily attributed to this spike in popularity.

Black pepper and bergamot blend citrus with spice, making this a versatile scent for all occasions. With cedar as a base note, this scent grows sweeter and more luxurious the longer it’s worn. 

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

To lead into the classics, Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio is an improved version of an iconic scent released in 1996. The enhanced ingredients for more extended staying power and increased intensity are evident.

It primarily exudes oceanic scents with a fresh sea breeze and green mandarin mixture. Sage and lavender round out the fragrance with cedar wood and patchouli warmly and subtly creeping in after a few hours of being worn. This cent is warm and inviting and will be hard to resist wearing daily. 

The Classics

You can never go wrong with a classic. These tried and true colognes are the greatest of all time. There’s a scent on this list that will leave everyone who gets a whiff wanting more. 

Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male EDT

Anything by Jean-Paul automatically earns some discussion about the best men’s cologne. There’s one scent that blows all other colognes out of the water. This scent is irresistible and lasts for a long time.

The hints of lavender, cinnamon, vanilla, bergamot, mint and cardamom will make you want to inhale their sweetness. This would be a great scent to save for date nights or fancy occasions. It’s rich and velvety and embodies sexiness in a cologne. It debuted in 1995 and reigns supreme to this day.

Ralph Lauren Polo

Ralph Lauren has a reputation for his timeless colognes and perfumes. In the green bottle, this one takes the cake at 40 years old. Green was the original Ralph Lauren Polo bottle color, and it’s still arguably the best. It carries the aromas of tobacco and pine that linger and entice. Oakmoss and patchouli create strong imagery for masculinity. This scent draws you fiercely in and makes you want to savor it. 

Calvin Klein Obsession

This is the scent you want to adorn if you let your date borrow your jacket. The name of this fragrance hits the nail right on the head. It’s obsessive once you get a whiff of it. 

It’s been around the block, with its notes of amber, sandalwood and mint. The myrrh, cinnamon, and vanilla subtly seduce everyone who comes in contact with this scent. It’s an alluring and robust scent that you’ll be glad you got to experience.  

Find Your Fragrance

Shopping for cologne online can be a drag. Reviews are super helpful in knowing whether the scent lives up to its hype. The ingredients can give you a strong sense of what you’re going to smell like when you put it on. These brands are the best men’s cologne options you can hope to find.