If You’re Going to Get a Smart Water Bottle, Make It One of These


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Smart devices are the current big thing. Everyday objects are getting upgrades to perform better and integrate with other technology. Now, smart water bottles are making a splash. Many have ideal features that help measure liquid intake, temperature and more. Working alongside an app or fitness tracker, they can prevent dehydration and keep you healthy. 

Here are some smart water bottles to consider if you’re in the market for maximum hydration.

Hidrate Spark

This smart water bottle combines form and function with a unique design that jumps out at you from the start. With vibrant colors, it offers a soft grip around the bottle for secure handling. Plus, it adds at a glowing light that blinks as a reminder for you to drink.

This bottle tracks your water intake and allows you to create goals to meet. You also won’t need to charge it due to its long-lasting and replaceable battery. The 20-ounce design syncs with an app and can integrate with the Apple Watch, Google Fit, Fitbit and more.

EQUA Smart

EQUA offers an innovative smart water bottle that deviates from any plastic by using stainless steel. The 23-ounce design offers standard flow reminders from its Bluetooth tracking, plus you can sync it to your Apple or Android devices. 

Most notable about this bottle is the temperature insulation. A cold drink can stay chilled for up to 24 hours, and a hot drink can remain warm for up to 12. It’s ideal for outdoor activities like hiking or commuting since it has a sturdy clip that can hang on a backpack or belt loop.


As is standard with most smart water bottles, Thermos keeps track of your water intake throughout the day. Plus, with the Smart Lid, it can monitor the temperature of your water in real-time. It also goes a step further by creating goals for you based on personal data that you enter into the app. 

This design holds 24 ounces in its sturdy container. With its extended battery life, it can hold a charge for up to 12 days before you’ll need to recharge. To keep all of your health goals in one place, sync the bottle with your Fitbit.


This smart water bottle from Noerden takes tech-savvy design to the next level, offering UV Sterilization on top of its other advanced features. The built-in UV-C light kills bacteria and harmful viruses, as well as reducing odors. If you’re planning a trek through the wilderness, this bottle will keep you safe and healthy. 

LIZ comes with other helpful features, too, like temperature insulation. Plus, its lid light blinks every two hours, reminding you to drink. Noerden recommends at least three to four refills per day to stay hydrated.


H20Pal puts a new spin on standard hydration tracking and how you use it. Instead of the technology and bottle working as one, the company separates them. The glass bottle design holds 18.6 ounces of liquid, and the silicone sleeve that slips overtop contains the tracker. With a removable tracker, you can integrate the technology with any bottle you already have.

This smart device can automatically adjust your hydration goals based on activity, weather and your fitness profile. It integrates with Fitbit, Apple Health and Apple Watch, though the Android app is still in beta.

The Best Smart Water Bottles on the Market

Do you want to stay hydrated and healthy the easy way? With these smart water bottles, now you can. This straightforward technology allows you to make goals based on your fitness, then helps you keep them. If you’re ready to maximize your hydration levels, take a look at one of the smart options above.