Travel With Carry-ons in Style

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Are you
a card-carrying member of the jet-set club? Whether you travel for business or
pleasure, you want to look your best upon takeoff. After all, you never know
who you will meet when you go on a journey, from a cutie assigned to the
adjoining seat to the CEO of a company where you recently submitted a

ideal carry-on luggage marries form and function with style. You can choose
from a variety of models, each with unique features suited for specific
purposes. Evaluate your needs and then indulge in a bit of retail therapy with
these tips. 


Did you
think you left this behind with your school days? Nonsense! Today, many adults
carry backpacks instead of other types of baggage because of the comfort factor.
If you have a shoulder, neck or back injury, this style of carry-on bag can
save you considerable pain if you adjust it appropriately.

the time to readjust the straps
for your attire
— your bag will hang differently over a
button-down than a bulky sweater or a suit jacket. Adjust the length of the
straps so the backpack doesn’t swing from side to side when you walk. If your
model comes with a chest strap, using it can further alleviate pressure.

the temptation to sling your carry-on over one shoulder. If you wear it
correctly, you should ease any typical discomfort from heavy luggage

Duffel Bags 

Do you
have multiple layovers, or do you need to use public transportation when you
reach your destination? If so, a duffel bag may make the ideal carry-on luggage
choice for you. Trying to heft a standard suitcase up and down bus stairwells
can cause considerable shoulder strain. 

style of luggage also comes in handy if you’re traveling over rough terrain.
While a suitcase will roll over pavement and tile, it won’t do well on dirt or
— and it can prove unwieldy to lift. You
can pick up and carry a duffel with ease, and they’re typically lighter in

Oversized Briefcase 

news — designers have improved the traditional briefcase significantly in
recent years. No longer do most models consist of slimline numbers that can
hold paperwork and little else. Now, many versions have specialty pockets for
various electronic devices, as well as additional space. If you’re traveling to
a tropical location for a brief getaway, this type of carry-on bag can
potentially hold both your tablet and your necessary toiletries, as well as
clean socks and underwear. 

Messenger Bag

you shake your head at anything that you associate with a bulky purse, think
back to the last time you sneezed. Whom did you ask for a tissue? Probably a
woman, because you knew she had one tucked in her bag. Today’s messenger bags for
feature sleek styling that makes them impossible to confuse
with a DKNY evening clutch. You’ll look enviably hipster — if that’s the image
you prefer to project. 

Soft Roller 

Are you
the sort who can’t resist a souvenir, even if you don’t know how you’ll
transport it home? If so, soft-sided rolling luggage could make a perfect carry-on,
as long as your travels don’t take you over rugged terrain. Because the sides
give at least somewhat, you can usually squeeze in one more item — if it isn’t
too bulky. Plus, traditional suitcases feature straps and pockets that hold
your gear in place — helpful if your hotel room lacks an ironing board. 

Hardsided Security Bags 

If you
carry valuables in your take-on luggage, or you have significant security
concerns, you can invest in a hard-sided suitcase. These babies will hold up to jarring
and tossing
while protecting the contents within — useful if you’re
bringing home china from Beijing. Plus, depending on the material you choose,
these are virtually impervious to thieves. 

Select the Right Carry-on to Fly in Style 

The perfect carry-on luggage for you blends your signature style with the precise functionality you need. Consider these tips and select a new bag to fly more fashionably.