5 Ways to Heat a Tent Safely

Heated tent in the snow.

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Autumn is here and with the changing leaves comes colder nights, making it harder to enjoy nature through camping. Fires and electric heaters pose safety risks inside tents, including fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Though, it’s hard to stay warm without good heating for your tent.

If you want to enjoy fall’s beauty without freezing through the night, here are five creative and convenient ways to safely heat your tent. Disclaimer: It’s necessary to read the instructions and warnings on your tent first to ensure these methods are safe. 

1. Hot Water Bottles 

Add warm, reusable water bottles throughout your tent can keep the air warm through the night. Boil some water and pour it into several different reusable bottles. Make sure the water bottles are uninsulated so that they emit heat. 

Place the water bottles throughout your tent to warm the air. Ensure your tent is adequately closed to prevent the warm air from exiting. 

An alternative is to purchase a soft-sided hot water bottle that you can keep close to your body to warm it. 

2. Tarps/Blankets

Insulating the outside of your tent can keep the internal temperature warm throughout the night. 

Thermal blankets heat the surface they’re placed on, making them an excellent option to warm your tent from the outside. 

Place a tarp over the tent or blanket insulation for extra warmth and protection. Tarps protect your tent from moisture and the wind, keeping it warm and dry. 

3. Hot Stones

Similar to the water bottles, hot stones can work to warm your tent by heating the air inside. 

You can grab stones in the area and place them near a fire to heat them. Be extremely careful as they will get pretty hot quickly. 

Once the stones are nice and hot, place them around the corners and open areas inside your tent to heat the air quickly. However, stones will cool down within a few hours, so using it along with a longer-lasting method is best. 

4. Flower Pots

Did you know you can turn some  flower pots into a personal heater?

The next time you pack for fall or winter camping, pickup some non-flammable pots at any store with a garden center. Make sure the larger pots have holes in the bottom. 

When the weather starts to cool down, light a few candles on a flat surface and cover with a smaller pot. Then, place the larger pot with the hole on top of that pot. 

The cables under the smaller pot will heat the air between the pots before releasing it through the hole. Often, just one of these makeshift heaters can significantly warm up your space. 

5. Tent Heater 

A pricey but effective solution is to invest in a tent heater. Companies design these heaters for safe use inside a tent.

There are different types of these heaters out there, so make sure you use one that fits your personal needs. If you’re going off the grid, you likely don’t want one that needs electricity to run. 

Some tent heaters have a safety feature that will automatically turn it off when the temperature gets too high. However, not all have this, so it’s good to double-check in order to know the risks of your heater. 

Heating Your Tent Safely

When camping in the cold, it’s nice to have options to heat up your tent. However, you must do so safely to avoid any health or safety risks. You can stay safe and warm all night long using the right methods.

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