7 Tips For Renting A Party Bus

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Whether you’re about to celebrate a wedding, a graduation or even New Year’s Eve, it’s an exciting time when you’re in the market for renting a party bus or limo. Most people do not have a lifestyle allowing them to rent party buses each week. Luckily, we’ve put together important tips to remember when shopping for the ride of your life.

Ask About the Details

Questions about food, alcohol, and music are crucial for making a great rental decision. If you’re booking a bachelorette party, you’d be disappointed to learn the night of the event that there’s no alcohol allowed on the bus. Likewise, if you’re an a capella group, it would be disheartening to learn the bus has no sound system. Some buses provide their own music, while others let you bring your own if you want it.

Think through what is essential to the night and make sure the rental company’s policies align with your vision before booking.

Grab a Headcount

Imagine you’re on a party bus for your brother’s birthday. You went with the 38-passenger bus instead of the 26-passenger because 27 people were attending. Then you realize Frank and Anna didn’t show up. In fact, they sent you a text about their daughter’s recital being a conflict, but you didn’t update your headcount. You missed paying a lower rate by getting a smaller bus. Having an accurate headcount ensures you will receive the most spatially and economically appropriate rental.

Make Reservations

Party bus and limo companies do not have an unlimited fleet. Make reservations as far in advance as possible to ensure they have the right size and type of bus, as well as enough staff to take care of you and your guests.

Shop Around

Just like buying a car, renting a vehicle is worth investing in. Renting a party bus usually signifies a celebratory occasion. Memories of a late party bus or one that had you stranded on the interstate for hours while it was broken down are likely not the memories you would like to create. Rental companies that offer the cheapest option may also lack professionalism, dependability, or a reliable fleet.

Read Reviews

So you found a company with a party bus fleet so sleek James Bond would ride in one. Before you get too excited, pop the company’s name into a Google search to find reviews on platforms like Yelp and Google Reviews. They might be sleek, but perhaps they’re also late to pick up their customers 80% of the time.

Don’t be Smitten by Sharp Design

On the reverse, sometimes you might find out that the company without a stylized website has the best customer service and cleanest fleet in your city. Reviews and asking around help you make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing between different providers.

Know What to Tip

Is tipping included in your bill? If so, at what percentage? If your driver took care of you all night, consider tipping around 20% or augmenting their included tip to 20%. Companies base their driver’s salaries on an expectation of tipping structure, similar to wait staff.

Treat picking the right party or limo bus rental like it is a cornerstone of your special occasion. The right rental ensures the right mood.

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