Equip: 12 Essentials for Celebrating Juneteenth, Week of June 12

Celebrating a Juneteenth party

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Juneteenth, which takes place on June 19, is an annual celebration of the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States. It’s one of the most important cultural events of the year for the Black community. Are you wondering how to celebrate Juneteenth? Recognize it as a great opportunity to show your support for Black-owned businesses.

Here are 12 popular and interesting items that will help you honor and celebrate Juneteenth.

1. Wardrobe Architect Cork EDC Belt

Wardrobe Architect is a business that makes everyday carry (EDC) belts for firearms, knives, lighters, multitools and other functional accessories. This cork belt with a matte-black design is one of the most popular on the site. It goes with any outfit and will help you conceal your items.

EDC is a practical lifestyle choice that involves carrying essential items for self-defense and any problems that might arise throughout the day. The right to self-defense is a crucial part of Black and American culture.

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2. Middleton Made Knives Walnut Echo Set

Knives are necessary kitchen utensils that come in many shapes and sizes. You won’t find better handcrafted knives than this walnut echo set from Middleton Made Knives, a Black-owned business with a small group of smiths and apprentices. This set is made of pure stainless steel and has beautiful walnut-colored handles made from dyed birch veneers.

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3. Estelle Colored Stemless Wine Glass Set

These colored wine glasses from Estelle Colored Glass are perfect for Juneteenth and any other summer celebration. The stemless design is more durable and versatile than traditional stemmed glasses. The color variety also gives each vessel its own personality. Estelle also only uses hand-blown glass, so this set is built to last a lifetime.

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4. Herban Farms Hot Honey Sauce

Food is central to any celebration, including Juneteenth. If you want to spice up your summer barbecues with something new, look no further than Herban Farm’s hot honey sauce. Each flavor contains Pacific Northwest raw honey as the main ingredient. They will take all your favorite dishes to the next level.

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5. Posh Candle Co. Peace & Quiet Day Candle

Candles’ flames and fragrances never fail to have a relaxing effect. Black-owned Posh Candle Co. specializes in creating calming scents, and the Peace & Quiet Day candle is no exception. It features American-grown soy wax and combines the aromas of incense, patchouli, sandalwood and dragon’s blood to create an immersive fragrance you won’t find anywhere else.

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6. Design Essentials Anti-Itch & Tension Relief Lotion

Summer might have beautiful weather, but the blazing sun and blistering heat can wreak havoc on exposed skin. Design Essentials offers an anti-itch and tension relief lotion that fights against bug bites, sunburn and any other irritation your skin might experience. Get a bottle before your next hiking trip or beach day.

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7. FRAMA Hand Wash and Lotion Set

If you want to take your skin care a step further, FRAMA’s hand wash and lotion set is a great place to start. The skin-softening formula is made with 100% natural ingredients and has a mixture of scents, including cedar and sandalwood. The glass bottles are also refillable, making this set a sustainable option. Goodee World is a one-stop online marketplace for FRAMA and other Black-owned brands.

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8. Ava’s Pet Palace Treat Dispenser Walking Bundle

Get your pets to join the Juneteenth celebration with this walking bundle from Ava’s Pet Palace. It includes a new leash, collar and an easy-to-use treat dispenser for dogs and cats. The product is made of BPA-free rubber and has a magnet to keep it closed. Walking and training your pet will be much easier with this by your side.

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9. Cards for All People’s “Black Card Revoked” Game

Cards Against Humanity started the trend of simplistic yet hilarious adult card games. Black Card Revoked is the Black rendition of the game, including hundreds of questions about culture, history and lifestyles. The 10th edition was just released with new cards to keep the party going.

Get it from Cards for All People

10. Sewet Sium Malcolm X Small Round Medallion

Malcolm X is one of the most important figures in Black history. Jewelry-maker Sewet Sium pays homage to the Civil Rights Movement leader with this golden medallion. It shows his likeness surrounded by historical and modern symbols. The pendant reminds everyone that knowledge of the self is the key to liberation.

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11. Kid Raq “Kool Kid” Sunglasses

The Black community prides itself on trendsetting the fashion world. Kid Raq is one of those trendsetters, producing sunglasses, T-shirts and other clothing accessories for adults and children. These Kool Kid sunglasses are among the site’s most popular items. Sleek black sunglasses go with just about anything, and they fit all head shapes and sizes.

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12. District of Clothing Dreamer Doer T-Shirt

District of Clothing is a Black-owned clothing brand based in Washington, D.C., that makes clothes specifically for people in the DMV area. However, anyone can rock the Dreamer Doer shirt regardless of where you’re from. The shirt’s message perfectly resonates with the Juneteenth holiday, sending a message to stop dreaming and start doing.

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How to Celebrate Juneteenth in Style

Juneteenth isn’t just a holiday for the Black community — it’s a reason for all Americans to celebrate. It’s another reminder of our ancestors’ sacrifices to remove slavery from the nation and ensure freedom for everyone. These 12 items will help you celebrate Juneteenth in style this year, regardless of your background.

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