8 Cold-Weather Date Ideas

Cold-weather date.

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There’s a reason why summer flings are a thing: No one gets bored when it’s nice outside. From laying out at the pool to going on picnics, there’s no shortage of things to do — and they’re twice as fun with a partner. What do you do when the seasons change and the weather takes a turn for the worse? If you want to stay with your main squeeze, it’s important to prioritize time together, especially during the winter months. Luckily, there are plenty of exciting activities to enjoy when date night rolls around. Here are a few fun cold-weather date ideas to help you relax, unwind and get to know each other even better. 

1. Bake Something 

Perhaps you’re craving a sweet treat or just really got into baking during the pandemic. Either way, a date night in the kitchen might be in order. Whip up some hot cocoa, fire up the oven and put on your matching aprons because things are about to get messy. 

Pick one or two favorite recipes and get to work mixing, whisking and frosting some delicious desserts. Bonus points if you embrace your playful side and have a flour fight. 

2. Take a Food Tour

If you don’t feel like spending all night in the kitchen, order take-out from a few local eateries and enjoy a quality culinary experience at home. Theme the night around one country or region of the globe or take a tour and order dishes from all over the world. 

Whether you like Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern cuisine, you’re bound to enjoy dinner because you’ll have leftovers and no clean-up whatsoever. Talk about a date night win!

3. Sip and Paint

Tap into your artsy side and plan a sip and paint night. This cold-weather date idea puts a boozy spin on your typical arts and crafts date night. Make mulled wine and paint a landscape, the sky or even each other. 

Keep it fun and flirty and try not to worry too much about how good your painting is. This activity is about having fun and letting loose, so use your imagination and don’t be afraid to go where the night leads. 

4. Camp Out Indoors

As the weather grows colder, camping outdoors becomes less unappealing. The good news is you can still have that cozy fireside experience indoors when you camp out in your living room. Set up a tent or build a pillow fort with cushions and chairs. 

Hang string lights or use battery-operated lanterns to create a romantic ambiance and set the mood. Roast marshmallows inside over the stovetop or in the oven to really impress your date. 

5. Go Antique Shopping

If you and your significant other are into all things retro, visit your local antique market together. Whether you’re searching for a turntable or just want to browse the local selection of creepy dolls, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at the nearby antique mall. 

Alternatively, you could seek an appraisal for an old family heirloom. How much is that old broach worth, anyway? The person behind the counter might be able to solve the mystery. 

6. Have a Game Night

Whether you’re playing a murder mystery game or a simple classic like Phase 10, a game night is a fun way to release some steam and make memories. Besides, every couple needs a healthy dose of friendly competition every now and then. 

They even sell games specifically for couples who want to connect on a deeper level. Get vulnerable with question-based games that strip away insecurities — and maybe even a few articles of clothing. Whatever you play, you’re sure to strengthen your bond in the process. 

7. Plan a Dream Trip

The pandemic has made it difficult — if not impossible — to take a vacation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still plan one. Relax and unwind by planning your next grand adventure as a couple. 

Whether you’ve dreamed of going to Greece for years or you want to head out west, putting together an itinerary can help relieve stress and give you something to look forward to. Just don’t buy the plane tickets just yet.  

8. Try Restorative Yoga

Maybe you and your significant other love working out together. Instead of hitting up the gym for the fifth time this week, spend a quiet night in and focus on recovery. Try a calming practice like restorative yoga to stretch and strengthen your muscles. 

You don’t even have to break a sweat to reap the benefits. Book a virtual class or hold a few simple poses — and each other’s hands — to really relax and tune into one another’s body and breath. 

Choosing Fun Cold-Weather Date Ideas

Which cold-weather date idea is right for you and your boo? While any of the above ideas would work, it’s best to consider your partner’s interests before picking one over another. 

As long as you choose an activity that sounds fun to both of you, you’re sure to have a great time and make lots of fond memories along the way.

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