10 Dating Apps for Introverts


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Nearly one-third of U.S. adults say they have used a dating site or app. However, not all of them are hopping on Tinder or similar swipe-hungry apps. While extroverts may enjoy posting sexy profile pics and in-depth descriptions of themselves, introverts would rather divulge as little information as possible. Luckily, there are a handful of alternatives for people who don’t like to make the first move. Use one of these 10 dating apps for introverts. 

1. Anomo 

Ease into the dating scene anonymously with Anomo. This self-proclaimed dating app for introverts is all about keeping things casual in the beginning. The slow build makes Anomo one of those ideal dating apps for introverts.

Instead of sharing photos of yourself, you can start out as an avatar and play games with people you match with. Then, if you decide they’re worth your time, you can reveal more information about yourself. 

2. Coffee Meets Bagel 

Both introverts and extroverts can quickly feel overwhelmed by the endless possibilities out there and countless left swipes. Let Coffee Meets Bagel narrow down your choices for you and take the stress out of choosing the perfect partner.

This intuitive app sends you one potential match each day at noon. If you like them and they like you, you can strike up a conversation. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow. 

3. Once

Like Coffee Meets Bagel, Once sends you just one match a day. However, instead of artificial intelligence choosing a match, real live matchmakers will pick an ideal partner to send your way.

So if you’re looking for someone who’s just as introverted as you, they can find that person for you. Improve your daily matches by sifting through other members and telling the app which ones you like. 

4. Align 

Are you into astrology? Match with a compatible star sign on Align. This app injects soul into mobile dating by telling you if you and your love interest share astrological alignment.

Build your profile with sign-specific traits, find a match and strike up a conversation. The best part is you’ll never have to develop an attachment for someone before finally asking about their star sign.  

5. Siren 

Heterosexual women who are a little on the shy side will love Siren. On this app, they’re in charge of who sees their profile and who they talk to. Post a question of the day or let Siren do it for you.

Then, you can sift through the profiles of whoever answers to determine who’s worth a message. This way, you never have to make the first move, and you can connect through conversation above anything else. 

6. Hinge

Only meet the best people for you and stop wasting your time on everyone else with Hinge. Unlike most dating apps, Hinge emphasizes long-term relationships rather than hookups.

Get to know potential dates through their unique answers to prompts and only connect with those that like or comment on a specific part of your profile. The app claims this method is more effective than the swipe right or left interface. 

7. Match 

Match has been a go-to online dating app for years. However, new features like custom search and conversation starters will likely appeal to introverts.

When you find a match, you can kick things off with a casual discussion about trending topics or spark meaningful messages with built-in icebreakers. Plus, Match’s team of experts can help you perfect your profile and nail your first date, so you have little to worry about. 

8. OkCupid

Many dating apps — and their users — tend to emphasize profile pictures. But there’s more to you than meets the eye, which is why OkCupid matches you with people based on your interests, beliefs and things that really matter.

Answer questions about topics you care about so the app can find better matches so you can make meaningful connections, whatever that looks like to you. 

9. Happn

Ever run into a beautiful stranger but been too shy to ask for their number? Happn helps you make the first move — in a more subtle way — by letting you connect with people you cross paths with.

When fate brings you within walking distance of your potential soul mate, hop on the app and seize the opportunity by sending them a message — or wait for them to reach out to you. If they felt a spark, too, odds are you won’t have to make the first move. 

10. Zoosk 

As the number one grossing online dating app, Zoosk knows a thing or two about making connections. Of course, you’ll have to make a profile but you can change it anytime you want, so there’s no pressure to share everything the first time around. Then, use a swipe interface to find matches or let Zoosk choose matches for you each day. 

Dating Apps for Introverts: Finding Fish in the Sea

If you’ve been part of the dating scene for a while, you know there are plenty of fish in the sea. However, as an introvert, you’d much rather sift through fewer fish and skip the drama.

Luckily, the dating apps above are here to help and, with algorithms, matchmakers and a little luck, you may find your perfect match. All you have to do is take that first step and let technology do the rest.