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Are you a cocktail connoisseur? Do you love entertaining guests? Do you enjoy keeping your bar stocked and up-to-date? If you said yes to any of these questions, it’s time to start looking at high-tech gadgets. 

These tools are excellent for anyone interested in liquor, hosting events or innovations for bars. These cool bar gadgets can make cocktails, store alcohol, carbonate water, heat drinks and even brew beer. As you search for the latest and greatest, take a look at some of the following tools.

Perfect Drink Pro

Perfect Drink Pro is a simple system that goes a long way. It comes with two things — a scale and an app. First, input your available liquor and ingredients into the app, which tells you the recipes you can make. Then, use the scale to measure everything out. This device tells you when to stop and start pouring, plus it can adjust for any changes you make.

Perfect Drink Pro starts at $100, but you can purchase the standard version for $40.

Coravin Model Eleven

The Coravin Model Eleven is a wine preservation system that can keep your alcohol at optimal standards. It pressurizes the wine, aerates it and automatically pours when ready. It’s all connected through Bluetooth and can even put on some music to fit the mood. 

This system comes with a display base and a carrying case, ideal for those party nights away from home. Starting at $650, you’ll find it has the ideal settings for a nice, aromatic glass.

Ember Mug

Do you make your coffee or tea and then forget about it a little while later? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Luckily, the Ember Mug can solve that problem. This gadget allows you to set a precise drinking temperature to your liking so that it will never be too hot or cold. The heat lasts for around 90 minutes before starting to cool down, but you can always rewarm it right from the mug. 

If you’re ready to experience warm beverages with convenience, grab the Ember Mug for $100.

Bibo Barmaid

The Bibo Barmaid system can make you a drink in 20 seconds with the touch of a button. It’s a quick process that requires little maintenance and provides a happy outcome. 

All you have to do is pick which drink you want, add the liquor and any other ingredients and watch the high-tech bar gadget get to work. The device, which comes in at $200, requires no measuring and can make multiple drinks at a time. 


Crucial Detail’s elegant infuser can aromatically accentuate any bar, giving off your favorite scents. The Porthole, which begins at $125, is a glass statement piece that changes the atmosphere of your home or party. 

Toss in things like fruit, cinnamon, herbs and more. Then, add water, oils, tea or any cold liquid. Once the infuser works its magic, you’ll have your favorite aromas surrounding you.

Pico Pro

Have you ever wanted to brew beer but haven’t had the resources? Now you can with Pico Pro. From extracting the sugars to fermenting to serving, this system helps you brew your own beer quickly and efficiently. 

With this system, which comes in at $600, you can become pro at everything beer related. Create custom brews or use one of PicoBrew’s provided recipes. The process takes approximately a week, but the results are worth it.

SodaStream Fizzi

Another cool bar gadget is SodaStream’s Fizzi, a unique tool that carbonates your water right from home. All you have to do is fill the device with tap water and voila! 

If you invest in Fizzi, which starts at $90, you can reduce the need for single-use plastics. Sparkling water has never been so easy.

The Top High-Tech Gadgets to Add to Your Bar

Don’t let your bar get stuck in the past. Invest in the high-tech gadgets above to make your brews more innovative than ever and take your bar to the next level.

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