How to Deal With Allergies

Man dealing with allergies, using tissue.

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Allergies are some of the most irritating things a person can encounter throughout life. With allergies, your body perceives a threat that isn’t truly there and reacts accordingly. Some allergic reactions can be severe and send a person to a hospital, while others just cause a stuffy or runny nose and coughing. Knowing how to deal with allergies is the best way to navigate a world you can’t always predict.

1. Watch the Weather

The weather outside can potentially trigger your allergies, especially if those allergens are prevalent in a certain season. If pollen is your main issue, you’ll want to head outdoors in the early morning before levels are at their highest and just after it rains, when all the pollen will be washed out of the air.

If you face allergens mostly in winter, the cold air might worsen them or make you more susceptible to illnesses. Plan outdoor activities for the warmer days, when you won’t have to worry about the cold weather worsening your allergies. It might seem tedious to plan your activities around the weather or pollen counts, but it can potentially save you a day of coughing and sneezing.

2. Identify the Allergens

You need to know what you’re allergic to. Many people realize they’re having “allergy problems” at certain times of the year, but they have no idea what they’re allergic to. Around 40% of adults are allergic to pollen, which makes it hard to go outside at certain points of the year. Unfortunately, there are several types of pollen — but you can find out which kinds you’re allergic to because the pollen levels for different types vary daily.

If you’re not allergic to pollen, you might be allergic to a type of plant or even something in your house. For example, you might be allergic to dog fur, but you may not notice it except when your dog starts shedding in the warmer months. Look for other potential allergens besides just the obvious. Doing so will help you find a solution to them.

3. Carry the Necessary Tools

Even when you think you may not need it, you should carry the tools that can help you mitigate the effects of allergies — or potentially save your life if you come into contact with a severe allergen. Some people should consider taking an Epi-pen with them wherever they go, just in case they stumble into a situation where they can’t avoid a life-threatening allergy. Carrying the right tools means including allergy medicine, whether prescription or over the counter, with you wherever you go that might trigger a flare-up.

4. Try Over-the-Counter Medications

Over-the-counter medications can be effective in mitigating the pesky allergies that just can’t seem to leave you alone. While your first choice may be to go for the pills, you shouldn’t count out nasal sprays. Nasal sprays are one of the most effective types of allergy prevention, but you have to start using them for weeks before the allergen presents itself to reap the full benefits. As long as you prepare for your allergy season beforehand, you could opt for nasal sprays when looking for how to deal with allergies that get on your nerves.

5. Wear a Mask

Masks can keep you healthy when it’s cold and flu season, but they can also protect you from allergens in the air. N95 respirator makes can filter around 95% of the particles in the air, so you don’t have to breathe them in. Pollen and other allergens can stay out of your nose and mouth, thanks to a mask. While it might not help itchy, watering eyes, a mask can help you alleviate at least some of your allergy symptoms.

Know How to Deal With Allergies Before They Start

Preparing for the worst of your allergy symptoms is the trick to avoiding them. Anticipate them coming and be prepared, and you can handle any allergens that come your way. Learn how to deal with allergies by determining your allergens and how frequently they present themselves. Once you’re prepared for everything, you won’t have to worry about mild allergic reactions ruining your plans.

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