How to Grow a Thicker Beard: 7 Tips

Man with a thick beard.

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Growing a thick, handsome beard isn’t easy. Even guys who’ve got the genetics for illustrious facial hair often struggle to grow theirs out. However, if you’re determined to produce a fuller, more commanding beard, use these seven tips to show you how to grow a thicker beard.

1. Mind Your Stress Levels

Life’s stressful, especially around the holidays. If you’re trying to grow a thicker beard when you’re busy, anxious and flat out exhausted, you’re going to struggle big time. That’s because stress floods your body with cortisol, a hormone that can increase blood pressure and makes it more challenging for nutrients to get to hair follicles. 

Keep your cortisol levels under control — and your beard growth going strong — by prioritizing mental health and self-care when life gets chaotic. Take a hot bath, chill with friends, have a beer and relax. 

2. Nix Beard Itch 

Most guys impede their beard growth long before it reaches its fullest potential. The truth is, it takes about four weeks for your beard to really fill in, and it starts getting itchy around week two or three. If you’re new to growing a beard, you might give up and simply shave it off. 

But wait! Don’t reach for your razor just yet. That itchy feeling will go away in a few days, so if you can resist the urge to nix your stubble, you could be rewarded with a thicker, more luxurious beard. 

3. Hydrate Your Hairs

If you choose to stick it out, hydrating your hairs can relieve the itch. There are two ways you might do this. One: Drink some water. The more you drink, the less likely your hairs will be to fall out and break, which means a thicker, fuller-looking beard for you. 

The second component includes topical oils and conditioners. Stimulate growth, moisturize your skin and prevent breakage with products specially made for dudes with facial hair. Remember to work the serums between each hair and really rub it in to moisturize the roots. 

4. Try Derma Rolling

Ever heard of a derma roller? This little device causes micro-punctures in your skin to potentially activate dormant follicles and stimulate hair growth. It might sound medieval but, when paired with other solutions, derma rolling your face and chin just might work. 

Limit your derma rolling routine to once or twice a week and roll in the right direction to prevent irritation or scar tissue buildup. Take photos to track your progress!

5. Switch Up Your Diet 

Your hair follicles need vitamins and minerals to grow thick and strong. So if you’re used to grabbing takeout after work or eating a family-size bag of Doritos, it might be time to overhaul your diet. 

For the sake of your body — and your beard — incorporate fruits and veggies into your diet. Whole grains, water-rich foods and ones that are unpackaged and preservative-free are great options, too. Focus on testosterone-boosting items like eggs, nuts and kale to boost hair growth and get those beast mode juices flowing. 

6. Start Exercising

Exercising regularly can help you grow a thicker beard, too. Any time you up your heart rate and break a sweat, you not only increase testosterone but also dihydrotestosterone. DHT promotes linear hair growth so you don’t have to wait so long for those patchy areas to grow in. 

Try cardio exercises like cycling, running or rowing to increase blood flow. Weightlifting and strength training may also boost testosterone and DHT levels. Find something you enjoy and stick to it to really see your body and beard transform. 

7. Get a Trim

If you start trimming and shaping your beard too early, you’ll keep snipping off your progress and your facial hair will never reach its fullest potential. On the other hand, if you never trim your beard, the ends will split and break, leaving you with a weak, thin-looking beard. 

Once you pass that four-week threshold, consider snipping the scraggly parts and shaping your beard to make it look thicker and fuller. Visit a stylist or professional barber so they can groom your beard along its natural lines and offer some advice on how to keep up with it at home. 

How to Grow a Thicker Beard: Patience Is Key

Sometimes, even the oldest tricks in the book don’t work. If you’ve tried everything and still can’t seem to grow a thick, lumberjack beard, be patient. Facial hair tends to grow thicker as you get older. So if you’re not satisfied with your mane, you may have to wait a few more years for it to come in fully. 

In the meantime, play around with different styles to see what looks best on you. Odds are there’s a style that suits your current thickness level and length, so try to have some fun with it and embrace the journey. 

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