8 Best Long Hair Styles for Men

Feb 16, 2023

Man with long hair looking into tall grass.

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Long hair styles for men are all the rage right now. Guys are rocking long curls, man buns, afros and classic mullets like we haven’t seen in decades. If you’re thinking about growing your hair or looking for a new style for your flowing mane, check out these ideas ahead of your next trip to the barbershop.

1. Natural Side Part

Sometimes the biggest challenge is simply growing your hair out. Once you’ve done that, your hairstyle doesn’t need to be high maintenance. As long as you take care of your hair properly, you can stick to a natural style. Part your hair naturally — whether on either side or in the middle — and enjoy how it falls on your shoulders.

2. Man Bun

If you need to keep your hair out of your face or prefer to wear it up, a man bun is the perfect combination of practicality and attractiveness. Use a hair tie and bobby pins to keep your bun in place. You can customize this masculine style however you like, from high and tidy to low, messy and curly.

3. Half-Up

If you’re not ready to commit to the full man bun, try a half-up, half-down style. To achieve this 90s look that’s making a comeback, gather half your hair and put it up in a bun, ponytail or braids. Let the rest flow freely, showing off your natural waves.

4. Long Curls

While taking care of your curls might require some high maintenance, it’s often worth it. As a guy with gorgeous long curls, you’re sure to turn heads wherever you go. Do some research on your curl shape and pattern to find the right care routine, then show off your curly hair with full confidence.

5. Dreadlocks

Men with tight curl patterns can wear their hair in dreadlocks. This hairstyle has cultural and spiritual significance for many people, making it a powerful statement. You can work with a specialized hairstylist or barber to start your locs and learn how to take care of them properly, then rock them down or up in a bun or braid.

6. Braids

Whatever hair texture you have, you can keep it neat and sexy with braids of all kinds. Experiment with everything from French braids, fishtails, cornrows, box braids and more. You can get creative to find the style that suits your face and personal style best.

7. Ponytail

A simple ponytail can tame any mane and spruce up every look. This practical style looks neat and tidy with a suit. Just make sure you’re gentle with your hair — use soft hair ties and don’t pull your hair back too tightly to avoid stress and breakage.

8. Fringe

Many hair and style trends from past decades are coming back in a big way, and fringe is no exception. You can add some fringe to elevate any long hairstyle for men. Bangs help frame the face and add layers to a look. Whether your fringe is messy, neat, thick or wispy, it’ll add visual interest to your new style.

Take Your Look to the Next Level With Long Hair Styles for Men

Remember, hair is just one aspect of what makes a man. Once you’ve found the right hairstyle for your long flow, elevate your look even further with the right beard care, sartorial style and self-confidence to pull anything off.

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