Make the Most of Summer: 8 Fun Ideas to Finish the Season


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Summer has begun to wind down and the holiday season is just around the corner. Even so, we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. A few weeks of beautiful weather and limitless possibilities still remain. 

Here are eight fun ideas to make the most of summer in its final stanza.

1. Soak Up the Sun

The sun isn’t going anywhere, but you won’t get as much exposure to it in the fall and winter. Use these final weeks to soak up the sun and maximize your tan before heading into hibernation. You’ll lose most of it in the approaching months, but at least you won’t look like a complete hermit when the warm weather returns in 2023.

Spending more time in the sun is also a good idea for practical reasons. It provides vitamin D and helps the brain produce serotonin, thereby benefiting your physical and mental health. Just put on sunscreen if you plan on facing direct exposure for 30+ minutes.

2. Take a Hike

Late summer through early fall is one of the best times of the year for hiking. The daytime temperatures are still warm, but not as gnarly as the dog days of late July. The nights are cool and pleasant with fewer bugs. The sunrise is early and the sunset is late. It’s the perfect recipe for a short and productive day hike, no matter your experience level.

3. Try a New Watersport

Late-summer weather is also a great time to try a new water activity. Saltwater temperatures top out at around 88°F in August, while freshwater temperatures can reach 75°F during the same month. If you dislike cold water, now is your chance to hit the waves. Try your hand at water skiing, a sport that’s easy to pick up as long as you know the basics

You’ll generally want a boat with at least 150 horsepower, preferably a tournament inboard direct drive boat. They’re designed to create a flatter wake, making it easier for you to ski behind them. 

4. Go Birdwatching

Birdwatching is another ideal activity for the late summer. Birds are just as aware of the changing weather as humans. They spend most of the summer relaxing in the shade and keeping cool near bodies of water, but their activity levels ramp up once the temperature starts to drop.

Non-migratory birds start their preparations for the fall, reinforcing their nests and bulking up for the cold weather ahead. Migratory birds also get ready to fly south. You can expect to find lots of interesting bird activity in almost any location during the coming weeks.

5. Enjoy the Fresh Fruit

Although autumn is the main harvest season, many delicious fruits get harvested in the late summer. The harvest period for some fruits, like peaches, grapes, and raspberries, even extends into October. If you currently don’t eat much produce, now is the time to improve that weakness in your diet. Making the most of summer includes self-care, not just self-indulgence.

6. Start a Fitness Journey

Speaking of diet, the late summer might be your window of opportunity to start a fitness journey. Most people start their fitness journeys at the beginning of summer, but most of those journeys fail because they’re pressed for time and want immediate results. Starting your journey in the late summer eliminates these two potential excuses.

You don’t have to worry about achieving your “summer body” in just a few weeks. Instead, you can pace yourself and focus on slow, continuous improvement throughout the fall, winter, and spring. If you want to look your best when summer 2023 comes around, the journey starts now.

7. Enjoy Your Warm-Weather Wardrobe

Warm weather will be gone before you know it, so spend the last days of summer enjoying the clothes in your warm-weather wardrobe. Wear every t-shirt and pair of shorts and open-toed shoes you have. Experiment with different outfit combinations and get rid of anything you don’t like before stuffing all the clothes in your closet for another winter.

8. Stay Out Late

Although the sunset reaches its peak lateness in June, it still sets at around 8:00 p.m. in the late summer. You’ll miss the late sunsets when it’s 5:00 p.m. and pitch black outside in the winter, so make the most of summer and stay out late. Go to happy hours, spend an evening on the beach, or just simply sit in your backyard to appreciate the day’s final rays of sunlight.

Appreciate Every Day

Everyone says they’re “tired” of hot weather when August rolls around, but they do the same thing in February with cold weather. The weather isn’t the problem – their attitudes are. Appreciate every day and try something new to make the most of summer as it draws to a close.

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