Men’s Earrings: Styles to Choose From

Man wearing hat with earring.

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While men’s earrings aren’t new by any means, they’ve been quite a popular trend in recent years. They range in looks from large dangly ones hallmark of the e-boy and e-girl style to subtle studs that give any look a higher sense of classiness.

Whether you already have earrings and need some new ideas or are getting yours pierced, look no further. Here are a few different types of men’s earrings that may have you racing to the nearest piercing parlor.


Whether they’re gold or silver, hoops are classic earrings that elevate the style of any look. You could even go for black metal for an edgier look. More oversized hoops have more of a casual feel, while smaller ones are a great outfit accent. If you’re interested in bling, you can also go for studded ones as well.

Hoops can be a bit of a statement, so you may feel nervous if you’re wearing them for the first time. However, feeling confident in your style can help you feel more empowered when wearing a statement piece.


Studs are a classic choice and are great for those who are just starting out with men’s earrings. In fact, you’re going to get studs when you first pierce your ears. Thus, it’s essential to choose a style you can live with for a while as they heal. The parlor will likely have some basic metal earrings, but there may also be some with gemstones.

If you want to ease into wearing men’s earrings, studs are an excellent first step. You can start with a basic set and get more experimental after the fresh piercings heal. But if you’re ready to dive into this new part of your fashion, try out a blingier pair of studs.


There are multiple types of dangling earrings you can choose from when diversifying your accessory stock. Smaller ones like ear spikes, jackets and plugs only slightly hang from your earlobes, often with a tiny decoration. But there are longer ones like threaders, drops and chandeliers that can have much more bling.

Whichever style you go with heavily depends on what you’re comfortable with and how the pair goes with your look for the day or night. Dangly earrings have plenty of fashion potential, so don’t be afraid to rock a more bold pair when you can.

Other Piercings Beyond Men’s Earrings

Why stop at just piercing your lobes? There are plenty of options for ear piercings you can get to step up your style even more. Some — like a daith piercing — can even offer proven health benefits. A few different options you could look into include:

  • Industrial
  • Upper lobe
  • Tragus
  • Rook
  • Conch

However, be aware these piercings will probably hurt much more than an earlobe piercing. Some of these may still use a gun, but others require puncturing the cartilage with a hollow needle. Just be ready for the pain when you’re moving on to different piercing types.

Up Your Style With Men’s Earrings

Men’s earrings are a simple way to up your fashion without even trying. Your new accessories send a subtle message of confidence and self-acceptance. Try out a few different men’s earrings to decide which suits your style best.

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