Online Dating Advice for Single Men

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Online dating isn’t the most surefire way to find a significant other, but it’s convenient and allows people to explore more options. However, this type of dating environment seems to be more beneficial for women than for men. What can single guys do to improve their chances of meeting the right person? This online dating advice will help you navigate the cold, unforgiving world of online dating.

1. Take Better Photos

First impressions have always mattered in dating, and now more than ever. Whichever dating app or website you use, your profile’s photos will make or break your chances 99% of the time. If you have a blurry selfie and random pictures from several years ago, you’ll never get a match. 

Here are some types of photos that many guys think are impressive, but are actually major turn-offs for women:

  • Partying
  • Gaming
  • Watching sports
  • Alcohol or drug use

It should come as no surprise that women don’t want partners who spend all their time partying, gaming, drinking and obsessing over sports. Millions of men have this exact lifestyle. You will never be able to stand out from your competition with these photos.

These are the qualities that women tend to look for in men’s pictures:

  • High definition
  • Smiling
  • Good posture
  • Self-care habits
  • Fashion sense
  • Variety of locations
  • Interesting hobbies

Men are visual creatures. A bikini photo and a good smile will capture their attention without failure. Women are more complicated. They need social proof that a man is a viable partner. Your photo selection is your first opportunity to demonstrate that you’re a hygienic, intelligent, capable person.

2. Expand Your Match Radius

Many online dating platforms allow users to set a match radius to find people close to home. You might think it’s a good idea to set your match radius at 10 miles, but this range sets you up for failure. How many attractive single women do you think are within 10 miles of your location? Why limit yourself to such a small dating pool? 

A 25 or 30 mile radius is small enough for practical purposes, but large enough to multiply your options. It prevents you from encountering the same handful of people on dating sites again and again. Additionally, dating someone from the next town over helps establish boundaries in the early stages. It also makes casual hook-ups more difficult – a win-win for both parties.

3. Text Like an Adult

If you’re an adult man who still texts like a teenager, you’ll never get a decent match. You might attract women who don’t care about communication skills and are just looking for hook-ups, but you won’t get any keepers. Stop using emojis and abbreviations in every message. Communicate like an adult to display your confidence and intelligence. 

Contrary to what other online dating advice sources might tell you, pick-up lines are terrible ideas. Single women have heard them all. You’re not going to impress her by taking the same approach as dozens of guys before. A clever and straightforward introduction with clear intent for meaningful conversation is the best way to earn a woman’s response.

4. Make Your Priorities Clear

Once the conversation begins, you must make your priorities clear. Tell her what you’re looking for in a relationship. Are you dating just for fun, or are you dating for marriage? This straightforward approach forces both parties to be objective about the situation. If your priorities don’t align, then you can go your separate ways without unnecessary heartbreak.

Many men think online dating is a waste of time simply because they never take it seriously. They don’t have an end-goal in mind, which leaves them unsatisfied with their matches and sets them up for failure. Stop wasting your time and be honest about your intentions. Online dating advice sometimes requires the harsh truth.

5. Set Firm Boundaries

If you find a potential partner, it’s important to set firm boundaries with them. You barely know each other, so you don’t have to text 24/7. Your other life responsibilities are still more important. Don’t be afraid to end the conversation, but NEVER leave her on read. This creates a sense of uncertainty that will eventually drive her away.

You also can’t expect the woman to lead the conversation all the time. They might be more naturally social, but they still expect potential partners to carry their weight. There must be equal effort from both sides in the courting stage for a successful relationship to develop.

6. Arrange a First Date Fast

The spark between potential partners can only last so long in an online setting. You need to arrange a first date fast before she loses interest. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In fact, something simple in a low-stress environment like a coffee or lunch date is perfect for your first meeting. This piece of online dating advice is especially crucial for marriage-minded people.

It’s also worth noting that attractive women have options. You can be sure that a few other guys are trying to get her attention. f you drag your feet and fail to advance to the next stage, you’ll quickly fall out of her favor. You must take the initiative and make her see you as a serious candidate.

7. Don’t Let Lust Cloud Your Judgment

Online dating exposes men to lots of attractive women. With that being said, you mustn’t let lust cloud your judgment. Don’t swipe right and try to message every decent-looking woman you see. If sex is at the front of you mind, you will never find a high-value partner. Her personality and long-term goals are much more important.

Women almost always know when men are trying to hook up. You can’t fool them, so don’t bother trying. Focus on developing an emotional connection with her instead of ogling over her physical attributes.

Make Online Dating Work for You

Online dating isn’t a one-way ticket to a successful relationship. If you treat it as such, you’ll never find the person you’re looking for. Make online dating work for you by cleaning up your profile, communicating like an adult and being clear about your intentions. Women like confidence and competence. You must show these qualities every step of the way.

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