Should You Try the Glitter Beard Trend?

Man covered in glitter.

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The trend of glitter beards has been around for a few years now, and you’ve probably seen some of the discourse around them. From the complaints of some to the rave reviews of others, the glitter beard trend has likely spiked your curiosity. Especially if you’ve found your way onto this article, it could be a sign to test the glittery waters.

No matter what your style is and what kind of beard you currently have, glitter beards are possible for everyone, and there are plenty of occasions that might call for them. From the raves to the ‘gram, there’s no shortage of places you can wear your glitter beard — as long as you make sure not to get any glitter stuck in your mask!

Let’s Get Rid of Toxic Masculinity

When it comes to the use of glitter, accessories and makeup, it’s important to get one thing clear straight from the jump — toxic masculinity needs to be made a thing of the past. While there are so many definitions of what toxic masculinity is, toxic masculinity boils down to the pressure to perform masculinity in a way that’s severe and inauthentic. It can also impact your mental health and the well-being of those around you. It’s the basis of a lot of shame, homophobia and even rape culture. But what does that have to do with the glitter beard trend?

Just like toxic masculinity can be responsible for a lot of really dark things, it can also take the form of that little voice in your head telling you it’s not manly to cry or that you shouldn’t wear those shoes or that glitter is too girly for you to wear. If you need a reminder, here it is: you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want. Paint your nails, crop your tops and glitter your beard if that’s what makes you happy. Remember, you can do whatever you want with your appearance, and there’s nothing sexier than being secure in your masculinity.

No, You Don’t Need a Thick Beard

Profile view of man with beard.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have a thick beard to have a glitter beard. In fact, you can wear a glitter beard no matter what your facial hair looks like. While glitter looks great in a full, long beard, glitter also shines when it accentuates your bone structure by remaining close to your face in a bit of stubble. You can even use glitter as the primary agent if you have no facial hair at all! No matter what your hair looks like, glitter can be a great addition.

A Great Way to Dress Up

One of the best things about glitter beards is that they can help you dress anything up for so many situations. Whether you’re headed to a rave, a music festival, a costume party or a fun photo shoot with your pals, glitter beards can be a great accessory to top of any outfit. However, you don’t need a reason to don your glitter beard, either. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with putting your glitter on to head to the grocery store if you want!


Glitter beards are also a great way to explore DIY projects and have fun. Sometimes, putting it on and making the glitter beard is half the fun of everything. Whether you go straight for stick-on glitter or use a bit of makeup in your application, you can sparkle to the heavens and have a great time doing it.

Rainbow glitter.

Experimenting With Your Style

No matter who you are, you should explore your style, and glittering your beard might just be a part of that journey. Keeping in line with that theme of healthy masculinity — you should be able to explore whichever aspects of your style make you happy!

The Cleanup

Ah, the cleanup. You may have heard it from friends, your girlfriend or a whisper in the wind, but yes, glitter can get everywhere. You may want to keep micellar water, makeup wipes, cotton pads and cleansing oil on deck for the end of the night, because waking up with a bed full of glitter isn’t really anyone’s cup of tea. Many guys choose to use beard oil when putting on their glitter beard, which can help protect the hair underneath and make this process easier.

The Glitter Beard Trend

In short, don’t let anything stop you from trying out a glitter beard if that’s what you want to do. Whether you’re partying at a festival or snapping for Instagram, toxic masculinity will have nothing on you when you glow to the heavens.

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