5 Diabetes-Friendly Snacks For Your Next Grocery Order

A bowl of hummus with spices and roasted chickpeas, one of the diabetes-friendly snacks listed in the post.

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Grocery shopping can be difficult when you have a limited diet. With type 2 diabetes, you must limit your sugar intake and find suitable substitutions that make you just as happy. These diabetes-friendly snacks may not be what you’re used to, but they’re still delicious and nutritious. Once you figure out how to spice up these foods into your own unique recipe or snack spread, you’ll understand and enjoy the health benefits they bring.

1. Vegetables and Hummus

Substitute the chips and dip that may not be good for you for vegetables and hummus. While chips have a lot of oil, vegetables provide loads of nutritional value that makes them diabetes-friendly snacks. You can choose which vegetables to eat, as each one has different benefits. Still, if you prefer carrots over broccoli, you should opt for carrots.

Hummus contains chickpeas. Roasted chickpeas have the greatest nutritional content of all chickpeas, but you still get a great amount of fiber and protein from chickpeas that have been mashed into hummus. You can find several different flavors of hummus at the grocery store or even make your own, so it’ll be a fun mission to see which flavor combinations you like best.

2. Cottage Cheese

Many people might feel repulsed when looking at cottage cheese, but it actually has health benefits you may not be aware of. While it may or may not help you control your blood sugar, it has more protein than some meat sources and can help you control your type 2 diabetes easily. If you don’t like the taste of cottage cheese on its own, you can add fruit to your plate. They pair well together, and in time, you may grow to love the taste of both.

3. Avocado

Avocado has high fiber content and monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). By including more MUFAs in your diet, you’ll see an improvement in your blood sugar levels with type 2 diabetes. Plus, avocados go well with just about anything. From toast to salads, this nutritious ingredient can help you stick to a diet plan that benefits you and your diabetes.

You can even incorporate avocado into most meals by getting a bunch and planning your meals ahead of time, which can save you money and the grief over deciding what to eat. Avocados are one of the most versatile foods. You can include them in nearly any recipe and bring their nutritional benefits to everything you eat.

4. Popcorn

As long as you ensure you’re buying the right popcorn, this food can be a wonderful treat. Since popcorn is relatively low in calories, it can help you keep your weight in an ideal range. While it’s not high in many nutrients, it does provide a small amount of fiber. This nutrient controls your blood sugar levels. 

You can make your own popcorn at home, or you might find a suitable snack bag of it. Microwave popcorn isn’t a great option, due to all the salt and butter. Make good choices for your movie nights at home, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of popcorn.

5. Beef Sticks

Beef sticks may not seem as healthy as other foods on this list, but it’s a great and convenient snack you can take anywhere. Because beef sticks mainly contain protein, they’re diabetes-friendly snacks that can help keep your blood sugar levels within the right range. They work great as a snack now and then, but you always want to be careful with how much red meat you consume, as it can have detrimental health effects on your body.

Rely on Diabetes-Friendly Snacks to Get You Through 

Meal planning can be difficult when you have certain dietary restrictions. Still, once you find the right food for you that tastes good and is healthy, you’ve won the game. These diabetes-friendly snacks are great ways to hold you over until mealtimes, and as long as you monitor how much you eat, they have only benefits that can help you keep your diabetes at bay almost effortlessly.

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