5 Cool Antique Fords for Sale


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When you think about antique cars, what comes to mind? A classic Corvette or maybe an iconic Dodge truck or Chevy Impala? All of these cars and more come to mind when we start looking at antique cars, but one brand tends to stand out above the crowd — Ford.

This Detroit-based brand has been around since the beginning and has come up with some of the most well-known classics over the decades. If you’re looking to add an antique Ford to your collection, here are five that are currently for sale, in no particular order.

1. 1930 Ford Model A

If you’re going to start looking at antique cars, you can’t go wrong by going all the way back to the beginning. This is a beautifully restored 1930 Model A that is currently in the hands of the grandson of the original owner. The frame is all-original and the engine and transmission are rebuilt originals.

It’s gotten a few upgrades over the years, such as safety glass in the windows and reupholstery on the interior seats. But for a starting price of $19,900, it even comes with the original title and license plate — something that no Ford collector would pass up.

2. 1968 Ford Mustang

Did you really think we could have a list of antique Fords for sale without including at least one Mustang? This gorgeous 1968 Dynacorn-bodied Mustang is painted with Copper Pearl and Winter Wheat stripes.

The Dynacorn body means that it’s still authentically a 1968 car, even though the body was completed in 2014. Dynacorns are useful if your original body hasn’t stood up to the test of time. It might not be as authentic as some of the others on this list, but it is a gorgeous Mustang and it’s on the digital auction block until March 18th.

3. 1978 Ford 4×4 Wildland

This is probably the most unique piece on our list. This 1978 Ford Wildland 4×4 is kitted out as a fire truck. While we don’t know when it might have been used to fight fires, this custom F350 is a conversation piece if we’ve ever seen one.

The best part of this build is that you can bring it home for $4,500. It looks like it could use a little TLC inside and out, but it’s worth it to own a piece of firefighting history.

4. 1955 Ford F100

You can’t go wrong with a classic F100 when you’re talking about antique Fords. This particular entry on our list sat untouched in a Colorado garage for more than 30 years when it was found and completely restored to its stock glory. The only thing the restorer changed was the color, and that was only slightly.

It’s currently on the digital auction block, but it might disappear fairly quickly. So if this stunning F100 restoration catches your fancy, you might want to jump on this sale.

5. 1966 Ford Fairlaine GTA

This might be the most expensive antique entry on our list, but it looks like it’s worth every single penny. This 1966 Ford Fairlaine GTA has a fully rebuilt drive train that’s only got 6,000 miles on it — unheard of for a ’66 — though it’s more of a restomod than a full restoration.

In addition to that rebuilt drivetrain, you’ll find a six-disc CD changer and subwoofer as part of a custom sound system, among other upgrades. It’s been sold by the original owner for $39,900 and has been garage-kept for its entire life, which means it’s in fantastic shape.

Which Antique Ford Is Your Favorite?

Which one of these gorgeous antique Fords is going to end up on your Christmas list? Let us know in the comments below! You can get your hands on some stunning pieces of automotive history without doing the work of restoring them yourself, if you’re willing to pay a little (or a lot) more.

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