5 Thoughts on the Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck

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Tesla recently revealed its fully-electric Cybertruck, a model they hope will upset the world of pick-ups. Everyone has an opinion about this new vehicle. Discover five thoughts on Cybertruck that are taking the world by storm.

1. It’s Downright Ugly

Okay, I’ll say it  — the thing is downright ugly. It looks like you’re playing a computer game on the lowest graphics settings because you need to upgrade your video card.

People have compared it to everything from an old-school “Halo” Warthog — the original, of course — to the illegitimate child of a cheese grater and vacuum. Frankly, I’m kind of shocked it even made it off the production line.

2. It’s Powerful

In spite of its goofy appearance, the Cybertruck is a lot more powerful than you might think. They pitted it against a Ford F-150 in a tug-of-war contest in a video that went viral last week. The Cybertruck didn’t just win — it pulled the pick-up uphill!

Of course, the battle was a little one-sided. The F-150 used in the video was rear-wheel drive, and the Cybertruck has all-wheel drive thanks to an independent electric motor at each tire. Still, it was impressive to see this strange-looking pick-up turn the narrative on its ear.

3. It’s Bulletproof

If you’re worried about someone shooting at you during your daily commute, the Tesla Cybertruck might be the remedy you’re looking for. Its windows are supposedly bulletproof to a 9mm handgun. Just don’t watch the video if you want to be confident in the truck’s bulletproofing ability.

When Tesla’s Franz von Holzhausen threw a metal ball at the windows during the reveal, they shattered. Musk looked more than a little mortified. While the ball didn’t go through the glass, it’s enough to make you wonder.

4. It’s Popular

Despite varying opinions about the appearance of this electric pick-up, it seems to be incredibly popular. According to Musk, there have been more than 250,000 pre-orders for the Cybertruck since its reveal.

Tesla is taking pre-orders for just $100 each, yet there’s no guarantee they’ll produce that many trucks once they go into production in 2021. Nevertheless, it’s an impressive measurement of the interest the brand has stirred up.

5. It Might Be a Hit

When it comes down to it, Tesla might be banking too hard on brand loyalty to bring in sufficient orders. However, 250k is nothing to sneer at. When they finally make it off the assembly line, the Cybertruck might be a hit — or it could be a flop. We won’t know until they start hitting the streets.

What Do You Think About Cybertruck?

What do you think about the new Tesla Cybertruck? Do you agree that it looks like a mediocre video game comparison? Perhaps you don’t care about the design, so long as you can get behind some bulletproof glass. How many pre-orders will fall through the cracks?

Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear your opinion on the new all-electric pick-up — hit or flop?

Featured image from Wikimedia Commons