Get Energized for Your Next Trip With One of These All-Electric RVs

An electric RV

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The future of van-dwelling is electrified. The production of emission-free recreational vehicles (RVs) becomes more commercially viable as solar battery technology advances. Check the seven all-electric RVs you can order now.

1. WOF Iridium e-V24

The Iridium owns the distinction of being the world’s first fully electric motorhome. It boasted a 249-mile range, making a splash during its debut at a German trade show in 2019. It’s a joint project of camper van manufacturer WOF and EV retrofitter EFA-S.

Over four years after unveiling the trailblazing brand, WOF offers the Iridium e-V24. The Baden-Württemberg-headquartered automaker used the Ford E-Transit as the model’s base. It can run 198 miles on one charge. Its 68kW battery can go from 15% to 80% in 38 minutes of charging.

This electric motorhome for two puts a premium on practicality. It has an ergonomic kitchen with spacious storage, a rear multi-lounge, and a wet room with a sink, a toilet and a shower. Some of its other features include:

  • 6.33-by-4.79-foot double bed
  • 70-liter compressor fridge
  • Large table with face-to-face seating
  • Slidable bench toilet

2. Winnebago eRV2

The eRV2 makes off-the-grid living in style. It sports warm interior based on Scandinavian and Japanese design principles and a 5-in-1 lounge that transforms into two workstations, a bed and a multipurpose configurable bathroom.

Sustainability-wise, Winnebago uses renewable and recycled materials for the electric camper van’s flooring, cab seat, bedroom and lounge seating.

Built on the Ford E-Transit platform, this electric camper van is smart. Its companion app gives you access to the proprietary Winnebago Connect™ system that lets you remotely control your house systems and auto-adjust settings based on your preferences. Its centralized monitors can track energy and water usage and help you manage your coach systems. Regarding safety, it has 360-degree cameras, reverse brake assist and blind-spot assist.

When it comes to energy efficiency, the Forest City, Iowa-based company equipped the eRV2 with light-emitting diode (LED) lights and a 900-watt energy system that generates power using portable and rooftop panels. Its 3-in-1 plug promises to reduce charging time to 45 minutes.

Winnebago advertises the eRV2 to have a proprietary IonBlade® lithium house battery and support up to seven days of off-grid living.

3. Grounded G1

The G1 — another Ford E-Transit derivative — is a brainchild of Tesla and SpaceX engineers. This solar-equipped camper van has a 640-watt energy system and can run up to 108 miles per charge. It comes with a house battery that can power onboard appliances.

Grounded furnishes the G1’s kitchen with a refrigerator or a freezer, an induction cooktop and a sink. This zero-emission RV has a queen-size bed, a dry-flush toilet, an outdoor shower, overhead and garage storage, and a pull-out table with bench seating.

Using the Grounded+ app, you can remotely control the camper van’s electronics and appliances, monitor its power status, keep tabs on water and fuel levels, track your real-time location, and more. This vehicle’s software allows over-the-air updates, so expect it to be bug-free wherever you go camping.

What makes the G1 special is its modular interior. Grounded lets customize the furniture layout piece by piece. You can use the Detroit automaker’s refitting service to change components down the road to suit your ever-changing needs.

4. THOR Vision Vehicle

THOR engineered its sleek and innovative camping wheels on its motorized platform — unlike many other all-electric RVs on this list. A class of its own, this impressive B+ RV has answers to most inconveniences you may encounter when going off-grid.

The THOR Vision Vehicle has an integrated fuel cell that charges its chassis and house batteries on autopilot. Its high-capacity battery is rechargeable at EV charging stations and compatible with 240-volt outlets at campsites. It can power all your appliances for up to seven days with its 1,500-watt solar roof, making it perfect for remote camping.

This futuristic RV has comfortable interior, intuitive cabin and dashboard touch-screen monitors, a frosted window glass effect, voice-controlled systems, and digital side and rearview mirrors. Likewise, its driver-assistance systems come in handy when changing lanes and reversing.

5. Bowlus Volterra

The Volterra redefines luxury land travel for off-griders. Bowlus takes pride in its towable’s AeroSolar solar system made from next-gen monocrystalline solar cells, which can passively generate electricity anywhere without activation or setup needed.

For power storage, it has a 17-kilowatt-hour lithium iron phosphate battery. This power management system can download software updates over the air. 

Furthermore, the Volterra is Starlink satellite internet-ready — the first of its kind. It features 50-gallon freshwater storage, an induction stove and propane backup. When camping at night with limited light sources, you can safely back up your vehicle with its full-color night-vision cameras.

When your electric tow vehicle runs out of juice, you can extend its range by up to 65 miles with this non-motorized RV’s emergency charge.

6. Lightship L1

The L1 is an ultramodern trailer designed to ensure near-zero range loss for EVs and fuel efficiency for gas-powered automobiles. Its tapered rear, telescoping hard-sided walls, and sleek front edges make it 200% as aerodynamic as conventional towable RVs. Its low-drag towing and weightless design allows it to glide in the air.

Lightship’s tube-like trailer has dual modes — camp and road. In Camp Mode, its exterior height expands to 10 feet. In Road Mode, it shrinks to six feet and nine inches to avoid crosswinds and ensure safe, stable towing.

The L1 can sleep up to six people. It’s window-heavy, giving it airy interior with panoramic views on all sides. It has a convertible lounge area with an automotive-grade custom textile made of up to 70% recycled polyester.

Moreover, its bathroom has a porcelain floor and a rainshower overhead. Its indoor kitchen has smart appliances, spacious stain-resistant countertops, well-thought-out storage units and a water-efficient dishwasher. It has a tablet app for remote access and control, too.

Outside, this trailer has a camp kitchen. You can pull out the induction cooktop and collapsible sink to dine al fresco or hold a large gathering.

Like other all-electric RVs, the L1 promises up to seven days of boondocking with appliances on. Its solar roof and awnings can produce three kilowatts of electricity and store power in an 80-kilowatt-hour battery system.

7. Retreat Caravans ERV

The ERV is probably the closest home on wheels you can buy. Its notable amenities are as follows:

  • 24-inch smart TV with arm and antenna
  • 28-liter electric hot water service
  • 224-liter compressor refrigerator
  • Two 110-liter water tanks
  • 110-liter grey water tank
  • Built-in speakers
  • Cabinetry
  • Cassette toilet
  • Dryer
  • Induction stovetop
  • Kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Laminate splashback
  • Leather seat bases
  • LED lights
  • Microwave oven
  • Walk-in and outdoor showers
  • Washer

This Australian travel trailer is available in various floor plans — all promising abundant living space. A 14.3-kilowatt-hour lithium battery, 2,400-watt-generating roof-mounted panels, and a 5,000-watt smart inverter make up its solar system, allowing you to live outside civilization for an extended period.

More All-Electric RVs Will Enter the Market

This list of seven is just the beginning. The entry of Mercedes-Benz Van.EA and Volkswagen ID. Buzz will give aspiring automakers more platforms to underpin their emission-free travel trailers and motorhomes, so expect more variety in the future.

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