Best Car Interior Cleaners for Maintenance and Mess

Someone using an interior car cleaner on a car door.

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When the exterior of your car gets dirty, it’s easy to hop in the car wash line or whip out some washes and waxes to make your car shine. However, cleaning the interior of your car may be a more heavy-duty job. 

Everyone tracks in leaves, snow, dirt, rain, trash and debris on their shoes or clothes. People also tend to sneak in a few bites of a burger or spill droplets of the morning coffee, too. 

Whether you’re dealing with a mountain-sized mess or just performing routine maintenance, these best car interior cleaners are fit for the job. In no time, you can enjoy fresh scents and sleek, clean designs again. 

1. Interior Cleaner and Protectant 

Bottle of interior cleaner and protectant for car.

This interior cleaner is a great all-around option for any surface in your car. You can clean on materials like vinyl, plastic, carpet, cloth, leather, glass or wood. 

To use, simply spray on and wipe off the residue. The formula also promises protection from UV rays that can dry and crack plastics and leather. Because cars are nearly always in the sun, this spray ensures that your interior is in good condition for years to come. 

From Amazon at $10.97 

2. Microfiber Cloth and Interior Cleaner Combo

Bottle of interior cleaner with green cloth.

Unlike the previous entry, this spray has no scent and is perfect for drivers with allergies. As another heavy-duty cleaner, it works on carpets, floor mats, seats, headrests and the dashboard. However, the manufacturers advise against using on screens or glass. 

With a microfiber cloth, this combo tackles both lighter stains and stuck-on grime with a sensitive touch. 

From Amazon at $10.99

3. Scrub Upholstery Cleaner 

Bottle of scrub upholstery cleaner.

Are you looking for a more specialized cleaner to really target stains in your seats and floors? This upholstery cleaner comes with a scrub brush attachment to work the formula deep into the fibers.

It can target coffee, grease, oil, ink and mud on any color upholstery, too. Darker fabrics tend to hide large stains, but this cleaner wipes even the toughest stains out. 

Better yet, it can eliminate odors from pets, smoke, food and other messes. 

From Amazon at $30.91

4. Leather Care Kit 

Two bottles of leather cleaner.

As another specialized product, this leather care kit comes with both a cleaner and conditioner. The cleaner eliminates oils and debris from the leather, while the conditioner nurses it back to a smooth condition.

Cars with leather seats, upholstery and dashboards can find less drying, cracking and fading with proper usage. 

From Amazon at $34.99

5. Essential Car Cleaning Wipes 

Can of cleaning wipes.

Some of these car interior cleaners are made for deep cleansing, but wipes are an essential product to keep with you at all times. You never know when a spill or mess may occur. Additionally, frequent wiping and cleaning is the best way to stay healthy and fight back against germs. 

These wipes come in heavy-duty and travel sizes for car owners of many types, and they work on dashes, fabrics, consoles and leather. While they aren’t meant for heavy-duty messes, wipes are great for routine maintenance. 

From Amazon at $7.57

6. Cleaning Putty 

Cleaning putty.

Cleaning putty is a newer player in the field of car cleaning, but its ability to reach nooks and crannies is astonishing. Simply push the putty into vents, consoles, cupholders, and handles, and watch dirt and debris come back out. 

Check out the variety of fun colors and unique scents, too. Putty can be reused until the color turns dark.  

From Amazon at $9.99

7. Car Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner for car.

A vacuum cleaner is the ultimate weapon against debris accumulating in your car. A trip to the sandy beach or a ride with your dog all promises debris or fur stuck in the cracks. With a vacuum, you can suck dirt, spills, sand and dog hair up through the washable filter. 

This vacuum is also compact and charged through your car’s 12V outlet, so it is always ready to tackle your next spill. 

From Amazon at $39.99

See the Clean in Action

Taking care of your car doesn’t always have to be a lengthy or expensive process. Sometimes, all you need is a quick cleaning routine to wipe away the daily flow of dirt and debris. On the other hand, often a spill or stain gets out of control, or a leather material starts to crack and fade. 

Luckily this array of the best car interior cleaners allows you to pick your cleaning battles with the appropriate tools. Whatever you may need, the right interior cleaner is out there for you. 

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