BMW Hydrogen Fleet Is No Longer a Thing of the Future

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Solving the world’s climate crisis will require a coordinated effort from all sectors. German luxury automobile manufacturer BMW is no slouch in this regard. They have long been at the forefront of alternative-fuel vehicles. Now, their dream of a hydrogen-powered fleet is no longer a future fantasy but a present-day reality.

What advantages do these high-end vehicles offer and why should you consider investing? Here’s what you need to know about the BMW hydrogen fleet.

1. The Ultimate in Fuel Efficiency

When you think of fuel-efficient vehicles, electric models invariably come to mind. Many manufacturers rely upon battery-powered electric models that require significant recharging infrastructure. This reality makes their use impractical on long trips and locations where you can’t find a charging station.

Fuel-cell electric vehicles like the BMW hydrogen fleet are not the norm. Yet they can go the distance and take only minutes to refill instead of an hour or more to recharge. Nor do they slouch on efficiency. In fact, an electric motor can run two to three times more efficiently than a regular combustion engine when paired with a fuel cell.

The BMW hydrogen fleet is like driving an electric vehicle and bringing your charger. Unlike conventional electric cars, your speed won’t drop when you begin getting low. You can replenish your supply at multiple hydrogen refueling stations located in the same place as typical gas stations but using a separate nozzle.

You won’t have to fill her up too often. Testers in Europe traveled a total of 500 kilometers or 310 miles on a single “tank.” That’s considerably farther than the top-ranked electric vehicles, some of which can go 200 miles on a single charge.

Hydrogen pump.

2. Superior Performance and Handling

One of the best features of the BMW hydrogen fleet is that you won’t have to sacrifice speed or handling in exchange for fuel efficiency. Check out how this BMW M5 smokes a Porsche 911 for some idea of the sleek acceleration you can anticipate in one of their luxury performance vehicles.

BMW has established a reputation for superior reliability, meaning your baby won’t spend excessive time in the shop. The only headaches you may encounter deal with the telematics system, which currently requires you to go to a dealer for routine maintenance. Right-to-repair legislation promises to eliminate this need, but the proposed rules currently face legal challenges from manufacturers who claim it’s impossible to safeguard customer privacy under a standardized telematics system.

However, you can DIY plenty of other things with the right toolkit and a little savviness. For example, you can add customized interior touches, like a cooled steering wheel grip, which is a must-have if you live someplace like Phoenix, AZ.

3. Sleek Styling for Every Preference

When you picture an electric vehicle, your mind probably turns to sedans. Indeed, BMW premiered the E65 Hydrogen 7 in 2008, and you may see city officials in many municipalities rolling around in such models today.

However, BMW is also working on its launch of the iX5 hydrogen. This innovative SUV is ideal for family use. Larger vehicles often do better with hydrogen fuel cells, as these devices require considerable under-the-hood space. While BMW already provides electric work trucks to select locations, it would surprise no one to see them come out with a line of fuel-efficient pickups for everyday use in the near future.

4. Unparalleled Sustainability

What makes the BMW hydrogen fleet so sustainable? Several factors play a role. The obvious answer is reduced emissions – these vehicles qualify as zero-emission.

Furthermore, typical lithium electric car batteries present a sustainability problem when they end their useful life. They’re nearly impossible to recycle, and mining this mineral to make new models damages the environment.

As of now, hydrogen production remains a pricey proposition. However, advances in renewable energy technology promise to make extraction by breaking down water molecules cheaper and more efficient in the coming years.

The Bimmer Hydrogen Fleet: No Longer a Future Fantasy

The race for sustainability is on across all industrial sectors. German car manufacturer BMW leads the way in green automotive innovation. The BMW hydrogen fleet is no longer a thing of the distant future. Why not book a test drive in one of these innovative new vehicles today?

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