Why You Should Focus on Driving Safely This Summer

A road damaged by weather and potholes

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While it may not be official, June makes the start of summer for many people. The birds are singing, the sun is out and more people are on the road than during the previous cold months. It’s a beautiful time of year, but one where you need to be more careful when you’re behind the wheel. Why should you be focusing on driving safely this summer?

Allergies Make You Foggy

With warmer weather comes pollen and plenty of allergens to make your nose stuffy and your head foggy. Florida recently experienced its worst pollen season in decades, sending even the most allergy-resistant people to the doctor looking for relief. Taking some allergy meds is almost guaranteed to make you even foggier — it’s a running joke that you take Benadryl because you can’t sneeze when you’re in a coma. If you have to take allergy meds, be extra careful behind the wheel.

There Are More People Outside

There’s nothing like a few warm days to bring everyone out of the woodwork — especially after a long, cold winter. Warmer weather means you’ll see more pedestrians, more bicyclists and just more people outside in general. Be aware of any pedestrians in your area and make sure you double- and triple-check your blind spots to avoid accidents.

Hibernation Is Over

For animals that aren’t active during the winter months, the first few warm days means it’s time to wake up from hibernation and start foraging for food again. You’ll probably see a lot more animals — especially during the dawn and dusk hours — so it’s important to be wary so you don’t end up in a rather awkward car accident with a bear or a moose.

Post-Winter Potholes

Ice can be harsh on the roadways. Water, when it freezes, expands inside cracks in the road’s surface.  Over the course of the winter, as ice freezes, melts and re-freezes, this can lead to potholes. You will probably see a lot of highway workers out and about once the weather starts to warm up fixing these post-winter potholes. Follow the rules of the road and always respect construction zones.

Share the Road

No one likes driving their motorcycle in the cold, so when the weather warms up all of those bikes start coming out of their winter storage. Share the road! Be careful of your car’s blind spots and always be on the lookout for motorcycles on the road around you. It can be hard to see motorcycles, so you need to be extra vigilant.

Watch for Children

Summertime doesn’t just bring out the adults — kids will start spending more time outside, too. Be on the lookout for kids playing, getting off busses or even just walking to their friend’s houses. Be extra cautious in residential areas or around schools. Watch out for teenagers who are staring at their cell phones — they may wander out in front of you without even realizing it.

Driving Safely This Summer

Summer is a great time for road trips, vacations and to just get out and enjoy a little sunshine after a long, cold winter. Just remember that you’re not the only one out taking advantage of the warm weather. Make sure you’re driving safely so you can fully enjoy all the advantages of the warm season without getting into a car accident.

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