5 Futuristic Cars You Can Actually Buy

Dark green Rivian truck.

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Are there futuristic cars you can actually buy today? Concept cars always look cool and movies and video games often feature rides we all wish we could try out. What about real cars, though? You might be surprised how many options you have. Whether you’re shopping for a new car or just checking out what’s new in the market, take a look at these top five futuristic cars, SUVs, and trucks. 

1. Lucid Air

There’s been a lot of buzz about the Lucid Air in the auto world lately, and for good reasons. This sleek sedan is one of the most feature-packed next-gen cars you can buy today. It easily tops the list of futuristic cars on the market. 

The Lucid Air can reach over 500 miles of range on a single charge, packs 12,000 horsepower, accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 2 seconds, and gets 200 miles of charge in only 12 minutes. There Air has a touch screen control panel, a dashboard display with two touch screens, and a touch screen in the backseat. All the seats in the car are heated, including the back, which also has a surprising amount of leg room. 

What makes the Lucid Air really stand out, though, is the actual driving experience. Lucid includes a feature that allows you to customize the way your car handles directly from the software. There are three modes: smooth, swift, and sprint. Each one customizes your suspension, steering, and more to fit a certain driving experience. Check out the sprint setting to unlock the Air’s max power and torque. 

2. Rivian R1T

The Rivian R1T electric pickup truck is one of the coolest off-road futuristic cars on the market today. This truck doesn’t just have a sleek look, either. Rivian proved the R1T’s capabilities with an epic 13,000 mile journey across South America. 

In 2019, actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman brought a pair of prototype Rivian R1Ts on an all-electric motorcycle road trip from the tip of South America to Los Angeles, California. Despite being prototype models, the Rivians were able to conquer hundreds of hours of driving through rough terrain. You can check out footage of the R1Ts in action in the documentary series Long Way Up

Rivian has built the best electric truck you can buy today. The R1T has a futuristic design style, a luxury yet toned-down interior, and plenty of cool features. The battery can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from 130º to -25º Fahrenheit. You can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3 seconds and wade up to 3 feet deep. Inside, you get two touch screens, LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a panoramic roof. 

3. Hyundai Ioniq 5

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is a futuristic car that also makes a great daily driver, especially if you have family or friends you drive around regularly. This electric SUV has won numerous design awards all over the world, a nod to its cutting-edge look. The interior is luxurious, spacious and minimalistic, made with sustainable materials. 

The Ioniq 5 can charge 70% in less than 20 minutes and get up to 68 miles of range in just 5 minutes. What’s really cool about this SUV’s charging system is that it goes both ways. You can power other devices from the car’s battery, up to 3.6 kW. There are even charging ports inside the car where you can plug in your phone or laptop with a normal wall charger. 

The rear-wheel drive Ioniq 5 has 168 horsepower, but an upgrade to all-wheel drive gets you 320 horsepower. The Ioniq 5 is also one of the more affordable futuristic cars you can buy today, with a starting price under $45,000. 

4. Tesla Model X

Tesla has long been a leader in the next-gen cars market, and the Model X remains a top choice for futuristic car fans. The iconic “gull-wing” doors on this electric SUV make it stand out from the pack. With Tesla’s rapid charging network, you’ll be able to recharge quickly and conveniently. The interior of the Model X is roomy in the front and back with a sharp touch screen control panel up front. 

The Model X has an estimated range of 350 miles with a top speed of 149 mph. Tesla’s auto-pilot feature may not actually be full self-driving, but it can be convenient on the road. For example, the enhanced autopilot upgrade will let you remotely “summon” your Model X so it autonomously pulls out of a parking space to come pick you up. Enhanced autopilot also has automatic parking and auto lane changing. 

5. Toyota Mirai

Not all futuristic cars are battery-powered. The Toyota Mirai is a hydrogen-powered electric car that’s also reasonably priced with an MSRP of $50,000. The Mirai has an edge over battery-powered electric vehicles since refueling it is as quick as a stop at the gas station. The only difference is, you are refilling the hydrogen fuel cell powering the car instead of a gas tank. 

The Mirai has a 400 mile range and one of the most luxurious interiors on an electric car. The control panel in the Mirai is placed higher than most other EVs, as well, making it easier to see without taking your eyes off the road. This is especially handy when you have a map or directions on your touch display. 

Even the rearview mirror in the Mirai is a screen, giving you a clearer view of what’s behind you. The island in the front of the car has a built-in wireless charger for compatible phones plus four USB charging ports. The Mirai even has some self-driving features including automated parking. 

Get On the Road With a Futuristic Car

Futuristic cars aren’t just in movies. There are sleek, cutting-edge cars, SUVs, and trucks you can buy right now. The rides on this list take driving tech up a notch and offer a unique and classy experience. If you’re buying a new car today, these next-gen electric vehicles are worth giving a test drive.