How Long Does a Charge Last on an Electric Car?

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In the 2020s, you’re starting to see electric vehicles (EVs) everywhere. Automakers are producing these all-electric machines to reduce your environmental impact and be a better friend to the planet. One of the drawbacks of these vehicles is their range. How long does a charge last on an electric car? Here’s a guide on EVs, how you can improve the capacity and the most efficient rigs on the market.

How Long Does a Charge Last on an Electric Car? 

Most people charge their vehicles overnight to get a fresh start in the morning before work. How long can you drive on one full charge? It depends on which car you buy. Check out the average for EVs and how it’s increased over time. In 2010, the average range for an EV was a measly 127 kilometers or 78 miles. This range might not last a week for the average driver.

However, technological improvements have increased ranges substantially for automakers worldwide. The International Energy Agency says the average range in 2022 increased to 349km or 216 miles. These numbers pale compared to your typical gas car, which has a median range of 403 miles for 2021 models.

The most critical factors in your battery’s range are the capacity and the materials your automaker uses. Most automakers have turned to lithium-ion batteries because they can store high amounts of energy despite their small size. Before, you had to rely on cheaper lead-acid batteries that were less efficient. 

There are other factors also impacting your EV’s range. For example, you may drive in super hot or cold conditions. Either way, your car must work harder to get around, compromising efficiency.

What EVs Have the Longest Range? 

How long a charge lasts on an electric car heavily depends on the vehicle you drive. So, what are the most efficient EVs on the market? These five machines stand out with their top-notch batteries. 

Lucid Air – 516 Miles

It doesn’t get much better than the Lucid Air. This mean electric machine comes from the Lucid Group, a California-based automaker in Newark. The Lucid Air boasts a 516-mile range on a single charge, over 1,200 horsepower and a 0-60 speed of 2 seconds. That’s faster than most NASCAR stock cars. 

The Lucid Air is a superb vehicle but be prepared to pay a pretty penny. The GT model costs $125,600, whereas the Touring costs $95,000.

Mercedes EQS – 452 Miles

Mercedes-Benz has amped up its EV fleet with the EQ series. If you buy the EQS, you can get up to 452 miles on one charge. So, what’s the catch? This edition is only available in the United Kingdom. You might be able to purchase this international vehicle and ship it to the States, but it’ll cost a good chunk of money. Otherwise, you’ll need the American version of this vehicle. 

The Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan has a 340-mile range in the United States. This number is better than many competitors, but 340 ranks below a pair of efficient EVs.

Tesla Model S – 405 Miles

White Tesla Model S sits on grass - how long does a charge last on an electric car

It’s hard to talk about EVs without mentioning Tesla. This automaker was one of the first to take EVs into the mainstream in the late 2000s with the Roadster. Nowadays, Tesla has a strong reputation for EVs with terrific mileage. The best comes from its Tesla Model S.

The 2023 Model S continues to push the automotive industry forward with its 405-mile range. Of the mainstream automakers, Tesla is the only one in the U.S. eclipsing the 400-mile mark with its vehicles. Tesla has faced scrutiny for exaggerating driving range estimates, so it’s worth checking with professionals to ensure you get the listed range. 

Hyundai Ioniq 6 – 361 Miles

Hyundai Ioniq 6 rests on a Czechian industrial site - how long does a charge last on an electric car

The Hyundai Ioniq has long been one of the best cars on the market and is renowned for its efficiency. Now, the South Korean automaker has turned to EVs with the Ioniq lineup. The Ioniq 6 has demonstrated terrific efficiency with a 361-mile range in the sedan. The starting price of this vehicle is $41,600 — a decent price tag, considering the average new car cost is nearly $50,000. 

GMC Hummer EV Pickup – 329 Miles

Hummers used to have a bad reputation. In the 2000s, people called them gas guzzlers because their mileage was pitiful. You saw celebrities drive them around Los Angeles and New York simply because they had swagger — not because of their efficiency.

However, General Motors (GMC) has flipped what you know about Hummers on its head. The GMC Hummer EV Pickup has an estimated 329-mile range with up to 1,000 horsepower. If you get the EV3X, the range increases to 381 miles. 

How Can You Increase Your EV’s Range?

Those vehicles have superb ranges, making road trips easier in an EV. However, the outstanding range doesn’t just come from the manufacturer. You can affect your EV range with these five tips. 

Safe Driving

Man practices safe driving in his car - how long does a charge last on an electric car

It may go without saying, but safe driving is essential for your EV’s range. How long a charge lasts on an electric car depends on smooth driving, so accelerate and decelerate slowly, drive the speed limit and take care of your equipment. You may have 1,200 horsepower under the hood, but that doesn’t mean using it all in one go. 

Light Loads

Road trips are something you look forward to all year. What’s more exciting than packing your bags for a fun trip? Be mindful of how much you pack inside your car. Heavy loads add weight to your vehicle, forcing your battery to work harder than usual. Therefore, you compromise your range.

Inflated Tires

Tires may slip your mind because most EV owners think about the battery for their range. However, those four wheels significantly impact your car. Underinflated tires create more friction and resistance for your EV and harm your fuel mileage. Check your manufacturer’s recommendation for tire pressure, and keep a pressure gauge with you. 

Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking is a feature unique to EVs. This mechanism recaptures energy lost during braking, sending it back to the battery for your use. Take advantage of regenerative braking by using the highest setting possible on your car. Make the most of it by taking it easy on your brakes at stop signs, red lights and narrow turns.

Solar Roof

The sun provides endless energy to solar panels that power houses and buildings, so why can’t you do the same for your car? Some automakers have solar features, but the technology isn’t widespread yet. For example, the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX has a solar roof capable of extending the vehicle’s range. Will we ever see completely solar-powered cars? Let’s manifest it happening.

How Long Does a Charge Last on an Electric Car? As Long As You Make It

Driving a Prius led people to be made fun of in the early 2010s. However, the EV craze caught on and has not let go in the last decade. Now, everyone wants one of these bad boys. 

EVs are fantastic, but one of the main problems is their range. The charge on an electric car lasts as long as you make it, so drive safe and keep your vehicle well-maintained.

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