How to Upgrade Your Car’s Interior

car heads up display

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There’s nothing like getting a new car, but that excitement can be dulled if the interior of your car is dingy and gross. Thankfully, upgrading your vehicle’s interior doesn’t require a trip to the body shop — there are a lot of interior upgrades you can do on your own, without breaking the bank. What are some ideas for upgrading your car’s interior? Here are a few to get you started.

Add Some New Tech

Updating your dashboard and display is an excellent way to upgrade your car’s interior, especially if you’re driving an older model that still has a tape deck. Consider adding:

  • An upgraded sound system — Start with your radio and speakers so you can get the most out of those music apps collecting dust on your phone. It’s a good idea to opt for the Bluetooth-enabled sound system — not only can you broadcast music to your car’s speakers, you can receive and make calls hands-free.
  • A digital heads-up display — Who needs those old analog speedometers and tachometers when you can replace them all with a digital display?
  • Navigation — Never get lost again with an integrated navigation system.
  • Backup camera — Okay, this might not be strictly for the interior, but a backup camera can be an invaluable tool, especially if you frequently need to drive in reverse.

If you can think of any other tech to add to your interior, feel free — as long as your electrical system can support it.

Upgrade The Material Of Your Seats

Old seats detract from the appearance of your interior since they make up the majority of the interior. You’ve got a few options when it comes to improving your seats, including:

  • Full replacement — Pull out the whole seat and replace it with a new one. You can replace it with a similar design or something totally new, like racing seats, depending on the kind of interior you’re trying to create.
  • Leather reupholster — Have a professional interior designer replace your current upholstery with new leather. Pick your favorite color, or design your interior to mimic a classic luxury car.
  • DIY Repairs — If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you can reupholster your seats yourself. Choose your favorite fabric and just go to town!

Invest in Safety Equipment

Automotive safety is paramount whenever you’re behind the wheel. If you’re driving an older car, chances are you don’t have the same safety equipment as a newer vehicle might have. Even if you can’t upgrade your airbags or collision rating, you can improve your chances of avoiding an accident by installing a collision avoidance system. These are pricey, usually running around $850, but they tie into the heads-up display we’ve already discussed.

The aftermarket version of this system is designed by the same company that supplies collision avoidance programs and equipment to automotive manufacturers, so you’re getting the same quality and safety without having to buy a new car.

Style for Your Kicks

So you’ve changed your seats out and polished up the dashboard, but what about the dingy carpet under your feet? Instead of covering it up with floor mats which only mask the problem, consider ripping out and replacing your car’s entire carpet.

If you’re swapping out the seats anyway, it’s a perfect time to replace your carpets, since you won’t have anything in the way. Pick a color that matches your new seats, something that contrasts or even a dark color that won’t pick up stains as easily.

You don’t want to ignore your floor mats, but replacing them won’t fix the dingy carpet.

Take Care of Your Car’s Interior

No one likes to ride around in a shabby-looking car. Show your car, new or old, some love and upgrade your interior to make it a more comfortable — and, potentially, safer — ride.

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