Ruroc’s Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet Gets an Upgrade

Carbon fiber motorcycle helmet

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The motorcycle helmet is a central part of every cyclist’s gear. Without it, a lot can go wrong. These days, however, helmets offer a lot more than protection. Take Ruroc’s highly anticipated Atlas 2.0, for example. 

Later this month, the sports outfitter plans to release an improved version of their Atlas helmet. The original features a T-300 carbon fiber shell, which will carry over to the new version. It’ll also fit better than before, with 11 upgraded perks inside and out.

Visor Mechanisms

With intelligent visor mechanisms, you’re able to adjust your view without any tools. The military-grade polycarbonate material allows for heightened visibility, as the anti-fog capabilities create a safer ride. The seal keeps moisture out of your line of sight. Plus, you won’t experience any visor lift, either — new locking pin technology prevents it.

Red motorcycle helmet
Photo Credit: Return of the Cafe Racers

Exterior Durability

The helmet’s super-light carbon fiber exterior ensures that it never feels too heavy. Yet that doesn’t mean it’s flimsy. The Atlas 2.0 provides extensive durability — after all, this material is the strongest on the market. It meets both DOT and ECE standards, so no matter where you live, you never have to worry about quality. 

Comfort & Technology

Inside, you’ll find ventilation control and recessed material for easy entry. The interior fabric offers comfort and safety, and, in the event of an emergency, you can quickly remove the motorcycle helmet without any issues. The fidlock buckle is a breeze to use and allows the accessory to achieve an optimized fit. Plus, the deep-seated head position rounds out these perks. 

The Atlas 2.0 makes your trip easier in several ways. It’s Bluetooth compatible, so you can listen to music and navigate to your next location. The technology inserts into the back of the helmet, making it easy to attach. 

A Variety of Motorcycle Helmet Styles

In addition to these features, you can customize your motorcycle helmet as you please. Such an assortment makes it easy to choose what suits your personality and the rest of your gear. Visors are available in several colors — dark, red, gold, orange, green, clear and blue. Plus, the Atlas 2.0 itself is available in a total of 15 limited edition and standard exterior designs. 

Don’t Miss Ruroc’s Atlas 2.0

With these impressive features, there’s no better time to think about upgrading your helmet. Check out the collection when it drops on February 27th.

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