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Most Legendary Cars Ever - Featured

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YourParkingSpace recently contacted me to contribute to their list of the most legendary and mythical cars. They said it could be a car model or a car you’ve seen in a movie, on TV, or even heard about in a song.

I thought back towards my high school days and remembered the story of one that was, well, quite mythical and legendary in my own mind. Here was my answer:

I go all the way back to high school with this one. I was in a local band, and we had a reputation for being a little crazy. On the way home one day, I spotted what I was sure would be our next band vehicles: two 1980’s limousines, for $500 each. And here’s the kicker. They were wrapped in some crazy shape-shifting film that looked like the Mustang right here. These things were insane-looking.

I drove home and immediately told my brother, who was also in the band. He agreed that these MUST be the next band-cars. How cool would we be pulling up to a show in multi-color limos? This being the pre-social media days, after several phone calls we convinced the rest of the band to chip in enough money, saying we could take turns driving them as our normal cars. I picked up the cash from each guy the next day at school and went with my brother to get the limos. We got there, and they were gone. I had to give each person their money back and try to convince them I wasn’t crazy. Those cars became a myth, and I never saw them again. It still bothers me sometimes. Did I just imagine seeing them? I may never know.

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