Equip: 12 Baseball Equipment Essentials for Your Next Game, Week of April 3

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Baseball players are known for their superstitions when it comes to their gloves, bats, helmets and other equipment. These 12 items are an assortment of baseball equipment essentials for players in the new era of the sport.

1. EvoShield Sliding Mitt

With the MLB and college baseball’s new pitching clock rule officially introduced, the sport’s pace of play is faster than ever. A faster pace will lead to more stolen bases, so you’ll see a lot more sliding mitts on the diamond in the coming years. Get your hands on EvoShield’s ambidextrous sliding mitt so you can adapt!

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2. Net Playz Multi-Sport Speed Radar

Baseball has gotten faster in other ways too. Pitchers throw harder than ever. The MLB’s average fastball velocity has steadily increased to almost 95 mph in recent years. With such a huge emphasis on speed, every player should have a radar to test their own throwing velocity. Every position can benefit from this tool, not just pitchers.

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3. Pro Ice Shoulder/Upper Arm Wrap

Baseball players put a lot of strain on their shoulders and upper arms from throwing so much. You need to have an ice wrap in your arsenal to avoid injury and lengthen your career. Using different rehabilitation methods also helps athletes break out of plateaus and accelerate their progress in the weight room. 

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4. Glovecon Glove Conditioner

Most baseball players prefer to use the same glove for the whole season. Naturally, the glove is going to experience some wear and tear. Glovecon’s glove conditioner is an all-in-one aerosol spray that cleans, softens and strengthens the glove’s leather fabric, helping it stay in good shape from spring to fall.

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5. Tiger Stick Bat Grip

Although pitchers aren’t allowed to use pine tar, batters still can. Maintaining your grip is crucial for a consistently powerful and accurate swing. Tiger Stick’s pine tar bat grip eliminates slippage and loss of control. It also has an anti-stain formula, so you can use as much as you want without staining your uniform. 

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6. Rawlings Rock Rosin Bag

Pitchers might not be able to use pine tar, but rosin is still 100% legal. Every pitcher should have a rosin bag on the mound. It’s also useful for other positions that have to throw frequently, including catchers, outfielders and third basemen. 

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7. ProHitter Batting Aid

Another great way to improve your grip is by using a batting aid. This small device from ProHitter helps you emulate the grip technique that professionals use. It helps you increase your bat speed, power and control. It will also reduce the notorious “batting sting” that players sometimes experience while hitting.

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8. Rawlings SMU Baseball Sunglasses

Baseball fields are designed to limit sun glare as much as possible, but sometimes glare is unavoidable. That’s why sunglasses are essential for all players — especially outfielders. Rawlings’ baseball sunglasses are simple, fashionable and cost-effective, helping you look and play better on the diamond. 

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9. EvoShield Face Guard

It takes a lot of courage to stand in front of a 95-mph fastball. Sometimes the pitcher loses control, which can result in severe injuries for the batter. That’s why every player should wear a face guard while batting to protect themselves from wild pitches. EvoShield makes a one-size-fits-all face guard for both left and right-handed batters.

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10. Primed Baseball Hitting Stick

Baseball hitting sticks enable you to practice batting without any baseballs. This hitting stick from Primed is one of the best available, providing immediate feedback on your swing and helping you practice different strike zones. 

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11. SKLZ Hit-A-Way Baseball Swinging Trainer

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a portable batting cage? The hit-a-way baseball swinging trainer from SKLZ comes awfully close. This training aid allows you to practice your swing from anywhere without having to chase down balls. It even simulates real pitches, improving your reaction time to fastballs and offspeed pitches alike.

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12. Champro MVP Portable L Screen

Champro’s portable L screen is another amazing mobile training tool. It’s the standard 7×7 size just like other L screens, but this one can be disassembled for easy storage and transport. Weighing just 15 pounds, the fiberglass poles can absorb major impacts from heavy hitters.

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Get the Baseball Equipment Essentials

Instead of spending hundreds on an expensive new bat or glove, why not spend that money on a bunch of other gear? You can get all 12 of these baseball equipment essentials for the upcoming season without breaking the bank. Diversify your baseball equipment so you can maximize your potential!

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