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Mar 22, 2024

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Why sit in heavy traffic when you could whiz through the streets on your bicycle? Urban cycling is a popular and eco-friendly way to commute or sight-see metropolitan areas. You’ll get a good workout and save the planet while doing it. Before heading out, you must stock up on urban cycling gear. Here are the 12 essentials you’ll need for biking in the city.   

1. Giro Escape Mips Helmet

Giro Escape Mips Helmet

Safety comes first for urban cyclists, so you’ll need a sturdy helmet to protect your head if accidents occur. The Giro Escape Mips helmet combines sleekness and durability with its ABS plastic shell and terrific ventilation. Plus, you even get rechargeable lights in the helmet’s front and back. Lighting is essential for your urban cycling gear at night and enhances safety. 

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2. Urban Cycling Chinos

Urban Cycling Chinos

Combine comfort with practicality in your urban cycling clothing when biking in the city. How can you bike to work without changing your pants? You need a pair of Urban Cycling chinos. 

These slacks are excellent for work because they have a grease guard to protect you from accidental stains. Plus, they’re great for riding home with their reflective lighting. The National Safety Council (NSC) says preventable deaths from cycling transportation have increased by 37% in the last 10 years. Hence, safety in urban cycling gear is more important than ever. 

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3. Urban Cycling Men’s MTB Mountain Bike Shorts

Urban Cycling Men’s MTB Mountain Bike Shorts

Pants can be too hot for some climates, especially when you get into the dog days of summer. How can you make your urban cycling clothing practical while maintaining your cool? Try a pair of mountain bike shorts from Urban Cycling. This garment wicks excess moisture to ensure sweat isn’t an issue. Keep your smartphone secure in one of the zipped pockets to make travel and music listening more manageable. 

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4. Ortlieb Up-Town Urban Basket

Ortlieb Up-Town Urban Basket

If you plan on cycling for a few hours, you’ll need a break to rest and refuel. Short bursts of energy require simple carbohydrates, so bring them on your trip. Where can you store your goodies? You need an urban basket to carry your belongings safely on the road. This one from Ortlieb is sturdy, dustproof and splashproof when closed, giving you the peace of mind to take your stuff anywhere. 

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5. Proviz Fully Reflective Cycling Backpack

Proviz Fully Reflective Cycling Backpack

Are you biking to work? Proviz helps you get the job done with a lightweight yet durable reflective cycling backpack. It holds up to 30 liters of belongings with a laptop compartment to keep your electronics safe. You also get a loop to add an LED light and improve your visibility when the sky is dark. The chest strap helps the backpack stick to your body for the whole ride.

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6. Trek RSL Road Cycling Shoes

Trek RSL Road Cycling Shoes

A good pair of urban cycling shoes is necessary for comfort on long rides. While regular sneakers could work, you need Trek RSL Road Cycling Shoes for maximum protection. This footwear contains carbon plates for better power transfer and relief zones to prevent ride discomfort. Worry less about accidents with the no-slip heel lining and external heel cup for better efficiency.

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7. Selle Italia T2 Flow Saddle

Selle Italia T2 Flow Saddle

Seat comfort is a priority for urban cyclists because it makes your rides easier. The Selle Italia T2 is among the best for city cyclists because it absorbs road vibrations and is flexible in the center. The polyurethane cover gives a cozy yet durable seat so your glutes don’t get too sore while riding. You even get visibility in low light, thanks to the reflective surface.

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8. Halfords Advanced 23cm D Lock

Halfords Advanced 23cm D Lock

Even in safe cities, you must be vigilant of theft because it can happen to anybody. Bike locks are necessary to keep yours safe, but you shouldn’t just pick any device. Halfords advanced locks go the extra mile using steel casings to combat drill attacks and other theft tactics. Even thieves with advanced lock-picking tools won’t break this 23cm D Lock from Halfords. 

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9. Portland Design Works City Rover 700 USB Headlight

Portland Design Works City Rover 700 USB Headlight

While reflective urban cycling clothing is nice, you need a strong headlight to ensure visibility when biking in the city. The City Rover 700 USB Headlight is an excellent option with up to 20 hours of ride time before changing the batteries. Rain is no problem for this device as it’s weatherproof for riding in any weather conditions.

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10. Urban Windproof and Waterproof Commuters Cycling Jacket

Urban Windproof and Waterproof Commuters Cycling Jacket

Imagine you’re getting ready for work, and a pesky rainstorm starts outside. It’s too warm for a traditional hoodie, and you need something more comfortable for your commute if city biking is the only option. This windproof and waterproof urban cycling jacket is ideal for rainy weather because it’s lightweight, breathable and visible with reflective piping.

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11. Giro Jag Glove

Giro Jag Glove

Long cycling commutes can become uncomfortable on your hands, eventually making your phalanges cry for help. Give your palm and fingers more comfort with the Jag Glove from Giro with its moisture-wicking and plush qualities. The palm features a three-panel design and AX Suede to enhance comfort while keeping a low profile on your hands.

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12. “Urban Cycling: Discover Hidden City Adventures Easily”

“Urban Cycling: Discover Hidden City Adventures Easily” by Zavier Wilkerson

Literature is helpful when learning about any subject — even urban cycling. This book by Zavier W. Wilkerson takes a deep dive into city biking by discovering hidden trails and giving you the inside scoop on navigating the streets. Wilkerson’s book is an excellent beginner’s guide if you’ve never ridden with urban cyclists before and want to build your confidence before heading out. 

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Biking in the City Made Easy

Urban cycling is an ecologically responsible way to commute, explore and hang out with friends in the city. Stock up on essential gear before heading out. These 12 products provide urban cyclists with the essentials for their next adventure.

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