Equip: Top 12 Essentials for St. Patrick’s Day 2024

Mar 08, 2024

A gathering of friend on St. Patrick's Day

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St Patrick’s Day 2024 is just around the corner, meaning it’s time to start wearing green and eating corned beef. If you’re planning a party, you’ll need food, games, and decorations to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and understand the spiritual meaning behind the holiday. Here are the 12 essentials you’ll need to get your St. Paddy’s Day party started.

1. Yiaht Shamrock String Lights

1. Yiaht Shamrock String Lights

Make your house as green as possible with St. Patrick’s Day decorations around the house. These Yiaht shamrock lights are an excellent addition to your living room or patio with their LED efficiency and brightness. The Department of Energy says LEDs use as much as 90% less power, so use these fixtures to make your St. Patrick’s Day 2024 party the most eco-friendly yet.

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2. OHOME St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

OHOME St. Patrick's Day Decorations

It’s hard to have too much green in the house, especially if you’re a Boston Celtics or a Notre Dame fan. Shamrocks represent the spiritual meaning of St. Patrick’s Day because the titular man used them to represent the Christian Holy Trinity. These banners bearing the plant pair well with your kitchen, living room and other locations where you want to host a party.

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3. Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

How can you say Happy St. Patrick’s Day without food? Traditional dishes for this holiday include shepherd’s pie, soda bread and coddle, but it’s hard to beat a tasty plate of corned beef. Cooking it in a typical skillet is challenging, so you need a sturdy Dutch oven to get the job done. This Lodge 6 appliance is terrific because it works in up to 500° Fahrenheit in the oven, making your corned beef tender and juicy.

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4. Meanplan St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Cups

Meanplan St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Cups

Beer is a mainstay for St. Patrick’s Day, especially with stouts like Guinness in your glass. Make your parties easier with Meanplan’s shamrock cups to ensure you have enough glasses to go around. These disposable cups are sturdy and have neat St. Patrick’s Day decorations to celebrate the occasion with whatever you pour inside. Beer, ice cream and candy are only some of the possibilities.

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5. Fruidles St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Coins

Fruidles St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Coins

Holidays mean good food and even better sweets, so cap off your meal with St. Patrick’s Day desserts. These Fruidles chocolate coins are a March 17th essential with their premium quality and milk-chocolate texture. The U.S. quarter logo makes them a fun treat you can use in St. Patrick’s Day games and other holiday festivities. Plus, the candies are nut-free to be more inclusive for your guests.

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6. McCormick Culinary Green Food Color

McCormick Culinary Green Food Color

St. Patrick’s Day decorations aren’t just for your living room — you can also make your food festive! McCormick food coloring is an easy and safe way to turn your potatoes, eggs and St. Patrick’s Day desserts green. This liquid food coloring works even better with baked goods, so put a drop in your cookies and cakes for a fun holiday treat.

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7. JEEFONNA Glitter Temporary Tattoos

JEEFONNA Glitter Temporary Tattoos

How can you engage yourself and your kids more with this mid-March holiday? Use these JEEFONNA temporary tattoos to decorate yourselves and be in tune with St. Patrick’s Day. This fun body art gives you numerous options like shamrocks, top hats, Irish flags and other terrific designs.

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8. Lightbird St. Patrick’s Day Hat

Lightbird St. Patrick's Day Hat

Remember to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day 2024 — otherwise, the leprechauns will get you! Avoiding a pinching attack can be tricky if you don’t have green apparel, so get this Lightbird St. Patrick’s Day hat with some characters from the Irish alphabet. The cap is breathable with 100% polyester and can fit men and women. Use it if a bad haircut you get the day before requires a quick fix.

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9. THREE IN St. Patrick’s Day Socks

THREE IN St. Patrick’s Day Socks

Mid-March can still be cold in many areas, even though spring is near. How can you stay warm and celebrate the holiday? Get these St. Patrick’s Day socks from THREE IN because they’ll pair well with any outfit. While they’re great for this holiday, you can use these socks anytime you want. Plus, they’re another way to avoid pinches.

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10. Percozzi St. Patrick’s Day Dart Board

Percozzi St. Patrick’s Day Dart Board

The holiday sees parades worldwide, with people lining the streets to watch bands, dancers and other performers. Continue the fun at home with St. Patrick’s Day games, such as this dartboard from Percozzi. Kids will have an easy and safe time with this game, as it uses sticky balls instead of darts to score points. The backside has an Easter-themed board, so reuse it for this holiday two weeks later!

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11. Chinco St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Game

Chinco St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Game

Does your crowd include a bunch of brainiacs? Put their knowledge to the test with this St. Patrick’s Day-themed trivia game from Chinco. The cards are a terrific educational tool for teaching children about the holiday and they’ll help you brush up on your history. This pack also includes word searches and scrambles for additional fun.

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12. Abbylike St. Patrick’s Day Clear Gift Bags

Abbylike St. Patrick's Day Clear Gift Bags

The best part about any holiday party might be the goodie bags you take home. Little ones and friends will appreciate the chocolate coins and party memorabilia you stuff in their bags as they wind down St. Patrick’s Day. These clear gift bags from Abbylike are perfect for the holiday with their shamrock themes and reliable PVC plastic.

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Get Ready for St. Patrick’s Day 2024

Saying happy St. Patrick’s Day is even more fun when you have a great party for family and friends. Make your festivities the best on the block by grabbing these 12 essentials!

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