Equip: Biking Essentials, Week of June 8th


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If you bike often or enjoy cycling to and from work, you may wonder if there are things that can make your ride more comfortable — aside from getting a cushier seat. Good news! Several of the items below can make your commute safer and easier. Consider getting some of these biking essentials for a smoother ride. 

1. SmartHalo

Take cycling to the next level with the SmartHalo. This discreet gadget has an anti-theft alarm system, a night light to help drivers spot you and a minimalist interface. SmartHalo also clips directly onto your bike to track your fitness and notify you of incoming calls. 

$129 from SmartHalo

2. Kickstart Lumos Helmet

Light up the night with the Lumos Kickstart helmet. This essential piece of safety gear outputs over 500 lumens of light in both the front and back so you’re always visible. It also comes with a remote so you can activate turn signals on the back of your helmet. 

$179 from Lumos 

3. Turn Signal Gloves 2.0

If you like the idea of a helmet with turn signals, you’ll love Turn Signal Gloves — especially if you’re used to signaling with your hands. These leather cycling gloves feature 54 lumen LEDs and a built-in rechargeable battery. Simply press your thumb to your index finger to light up your glove and alert those behind you of upcoming turns. 

$74.95 from Zackees 

4. Revolights Eclipse

Further increase nighttime visibility with Revolights Eclipse. This simple bike lighting system attaches to the inside of your wheels. It includes a headlight in the front and a smart brake light in the rear. Unlike traditional head and taillights, these illuminate both the pavement and objects above ground level. 

$199 from Best Buy

5. RearViz SL-15 

The RearViz SL-15 gives you a pair of eyes on the back of your head — on your wrist. This tiny rearview mirror looks like a watch until you open it up and use it. Lightweight and half the size of a typical watch, this armband will help keep you safe both day and night. 

$37.95 from RVI Active 

6. The Barrel Bag

Nobody likes backpack sweat but, if you have to tote things around on your bike, the only way to do so is with a backpack, right? Wrong! There are several bicycle saddlebags out there that clip right to the back of your seat. One of the most stylish options is the Barrel Bag, a small leather tote that’s waterproof and classy. 

$116 from Etsy

7. Six-Pack Frame Cinch

While you’re at it, you might as well get a leather beer holder to match. The six-pack Frame Cinch attaches any object with a handle to your top tube. Available in honey, dark brown and black, the cinch will help you keep both hands on your handlebars and transport your beverage of choice from the store to home safely. 

$28.80 from Etsy

8. Trieste Coffee Cup Holder

Do you love biking to work but hate trying to steer with one hand and hold your travel mug in the other? You need the Trieste Coffee Cup Holder. This nifty device mounts onto your handlebars and fits reusable coffee cups with tapered bodies and sealed lids.

$14.99 from Public Bikes

9. Ninja Pump

Getting a flat tire on your way to work can be an absolute nightmare if you don’t have the tools to fix it. Luckily, you can take the Topeak Ninja P Mini-Pump anywhere and always be prepared. This tool slides right inside your seat post for quick and easy access. 

$26.95 from Amazon

10. Celtic Blu Portable Speaker

Wearing earbuds or headphones while cycling can be dangerous, especially if you bike in high-traffic areas. Have a safer jam session with a portable Bluetooth speaker. This specific one comes with a bike cage so you can control it from your handlebars and still be aware of your surroundings. 

$90 from Amazon 

11. Budge Waterproof Bike Cover

Protect your bicycle from inclement weather when you aren’t riding it with a quality bike cover. The Budge Waterproof Cover offers premium protection at an affordable price. Plus, it fits bikes of multiple sizes. 

$16.86 from Walmart 

12. Nulock Bluetooth Bike Lock

Keep your bike safe from thieves as well with a Bluetooth bike lock. While a traditional lock requires you to fidget with codes and keys, this one automatically unlocks when you’re in range. Additionally, if someone tries to disassemble it, an alarm will sound. 

$42.99 from Amazon

Make Cycling Easier With These Biking Essentials

Whether you’re doing it for the sake of the planet or your own health, cycling can be tiring, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. Invest in a more comfortable, safer ride by getting a few biking essentials. You’ll be happy you did.

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