Equip: 12 Essentials for Dealing With Yardwork, Week of May 15

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Equip: 12 Essentials for Dealing With Yardwork

Warm spring weather brings the urge to crank the lawn mower and cut grass. Yardwork can take all day, but tidying up is worth the time. A clean and aesthetically pleasing lawn impresses your family, friends and guests. 

Yardwork doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Here are 12 essentials to make things easier. 

1. IKON 42 Kawasaki

Gone are the days when you needed to push around a lawn mower for an hour. A riding model makes the job much easier, but a zero-turn mower is even better.

Zero-turn mowers make mowing five acres of grass a breeze. The IKON 42 Kawasaki quickly switches from forward to reverse and turns on a dime. Tight spaces aren’t an issue when you’re hauling this machine around. 

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2. Worx Landroid

Mowing grass can lead to bug bites, allergy attacks from pollen and even the occasional snake. You don’t have to cut grass if you don’t have to. The WORX Landroid is a robotic lawn mower that does it for you. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) allows the machine to work autonomously. The Landroid has a high-dynamic range camera to stay on the grass and not venture into a pond or crash into people. Let the Landroid cut grass while you focus on decluttering the garage or starting that DIY project you’ve always thought about. 

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3. MacSports Classic Mac Wagon

Yardwork can take all day working on a large property, and hauling stuff back and forth takes a significant chunk of time. How can you make it easier? Use the Classic Mac Wagon from MacSports. 

You can use the Mac Wagon for nearly anything. Its steel frame holds up to 150 pounds, and the interior has polyester fabric you can easily clean. Plus, you can fold it up and transport it anywhere. The Mac Wagon is terrific for gardening or a day at the park. 

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4. Professional EZ Travel Collection Adjustable Rake

The rake becomes your most valuable player when autumn arrives. The leaves change colors, fall off and end up all over your lawn. Hopefully, they stay out of your gutters. You need a rake, so get an adjustable version from the Professional EZ Travel Collection.

A large rake is nice, but it can’t fit everywhere. You need a narrow size to reach inside the tight spaces. The steel tines on this rake range from 37 to 68 inches.  

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5. Milwaukee Electric Tools Chainsaw Kit

Electrification is all the rage. You see it with electric cars and trucks, and now you can electrify your yardwork tools. Start with the Milwaukee Electric Tools Chainsaw Kit. 

Chainsaws require top-notch performance, especially when cutting through hardwood. This electric chainsaw is powerful enough for 150 cuts on a full charge. The fast speeds make wood cutting much more manageable. 

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6. Worx Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower

Imagine it’s 6 a.m. on a Saturday. You want to sleep in, but your dad or neighbor is outside with a leaf blower. These machines are loud, but the Worx Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower makes things quieter. 

The electric qualities make this leaf blower even better than gas-powered machines. The Turbine 600 blows twice as fast through its high-capacity air volume and dynamic airflow design.

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7. Sun Joe Electric Wood Chipper

It doesn’t take long for your yard to fill up with twigs and debris. What can you do besides throw them away? Save room in your garbage can and make mulch with the Sun Joe Electric Wood Chipper. 

This machine has 15 amps and quickly shreds your twigs and branches. The convenient wheels allow you to take it wherever you need around the yard. Use the mulch to improve your soil and take care of weeds.

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8. Punchau Lawn Aerator Shoes

What if you could knock out two birds with one stone? Punchau Lawn Aerator Shoes are convenient for preparing your soil for gardening. 

The aerator surrounds your work shoes like a sandal. The spikes underneath the shoe poke tiny holes in the soil, allowing seeds and water to enter the ground. It makes the job easier than manually digging holes for each plot.

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9. Miles Kimball Gorilla Garden Hands

Your hands are necessary for yardwork. Protecting them is essential, especially when handling thorny plants, poison ivy and other sensitive materials. You also never know when a snake will pop out of the ground.

Use the Miles Kimball Gorilla Garden Hands to protect your phalanges. This tool makes yardwork much easier. They’re kid-friendly, so get your kids involved during their spring and summer breaks. 

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10. MySoil Soil Test Kit

Planting a garden is a terrific hobby that produces delicious fruits and vegetables. However, it can quickly go wrong if you don’t care for your soil. Use the MySoil Soil Test Kit for monitoring to ensure your earth is up to snuff. 

This test kit analyzes your soil and tells you its quality and pH level. You can test numerous soil types, such as gardening, compost and vines. Send the test kit by mail and see the online results a week later.

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11. BILT HARD Electric Log Splitter

Wood splitting is difficult, to say the least. You could do two hours of back-breaking work with an ax or let the BILT HARD Electric Log Splitter do it for you. 

Winter requires loads of firewood, especially in a snowy climate. This wood splitter has 15 amps and up to 3,400 rpm. Electricity makes the machine environmentally friendly because there are no toxic emissions.  

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12. 3M WorkTunes Headphones

The electric machines on this list are much quieter than their gas-powered counterparts. However, they can still be noisy. You need a pair of quality headphones, especially if you want to listen to music. 

3M has you covered with its WorkTunes Headphones. This device has a high noise reduction rating. There’s no cord or antenna necessary, so don’t worry about getting tangled with your tools. Plus, there’s a microphone if you need to call someone.  

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Making Yardwork Easier

Yardwork means working up a sweat. It’s nice to spend time in the sun and get things done, and it’s even better to work smarter, not harder. Use these 12 essentials to make these essential jobs a breeze.

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