Equip: 12 Essentials for Golfers, Week of June 20th

Golf ball near hole.

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We’ve entered the best time of the year for golf, as the PGA Tour is in full swing and the FedEx Cup Standings are starting to heat up. Courses around the world are getting busier and more challenging, but these 12 essentials for golfers can really help you step up your game.

1. OptiShot Golf Simulator

OptiShot Golf Simulator

Virtual reality has made its way to the golf world, as you can practice your entire game from home with OptiShot’s Golf Simulator. The simulator has 15 courses, a driving range and a 7.5-foot-by-7.5-foot hitting net to catch all your shots. You can use your own golf balls if you wish, but the dense foam practice balls might be safer for indoor play. 

Get it from the PGA Superstore

2. SKLZ Accelerator Pro Putting Green

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Putting Green

This putting green from SKLZ is more than just a source of entertainment for bored office workers. It has alignment guides at 3, 5 and 7 feet that track the putter’s back swing and follow-through, helping players realign their shots and become more accurate from close distance. 

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3. Garmin Approach S60 GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S60 GPS Watch

Knowing each hole’s yardage is an essential part of golf, and Garmin’s Approach S60 Watch allows you to get an accurate number for every shot. It gets your precise location, showing the yardage to greens, bunkers and other hazards. The distances get frequent updates and the battery life reaches 10 hours, so you have more than enough power for a full 18.

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4. Rustico Refillable Golf Log

Rustico Refillable Golf Log

Golfers need to be meticulous and record many details to improve their games. Rustico’s refillable golf log lets you keep those records and customize your own, with different sizes, colors and font options. When the book is full, just remove the pages and insert some more.

Get it from Rustico

5. Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

Everyone hits a ball into the water or thick rough sometimes, but those lost balls can add up fast. Callaway’s 6-foot golf ball retriever allows you to recover more balls from hard-to-reach hazards and maintain your supply.

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6. Victorinox Swiss Army Golf Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Golf Knife

One of the many rules of proper golf etiquette is to clean up after your shots by filling in divots, repairing greens and more. You can use the Swiss Army golf knife from Victorinox for all your maintenance needs and keep the course tidy for the next group.

Get it from SwissArmy.com

7. Clubpur Complete Club Cleaning Kit

Clubpur Complete Club Cleaning Kit

Clubpur’s complete club cleaning kit includes an odorless conditioner, soft-bristle scrub brush and microfiber pocket towel. These tools are made to remove stubborn debris from the grooves and clean the grips without wearing down the material. Just spray, wipe and keep on playing!

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8. Weatherman Windproof Golf Umbrella

Weatherman Windproof Golf Umbrella

Bad weather is an unavoidable part of the game, but you don’t have to get soaked. Weatherman’s windproof umbrella will help you stay dry and play at a high level despite heavy rain and wind. It’s 4 feet wide from tip to tip and can withstand up to 55-mph gusts.

Get it from Weatherman

9. Zero Friction Victory Golf Tees

Zero Friction Victory Golf Tees

These five-prong biocomposite golf tees from ZFVictory provide more stability and will stay in one piece after most drives — but they will still break if you make direct contact. Less contact between the tee and ball means you can gain more strokes off the tee and adapt your game to golf’s new power standards.

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10. PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer

PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer

Putting is a game of millimeters, and PuttOUT’s putt trainer demands the same kind of perfection. It’s a simple device you can use anywhere, but only the most precise putts will stick to the micro-target. A miss gets sent back to the shooter via a ramp, allowing for quick repetitions.

Get it from PuttOUt Golf

11. SKLZ Golf Swing Warmup Stick

SKLZ Golf Swing Warmup Stick

Your warmups will be more fun and progressive with this stick from SKLZ. The exaggerated flex and weighted head help the user tighten their form and shift their weight more smoothly throughout the swing. The result is a more consistent shot, both in terms of distance and direction.

Get it from SKLZ

12. Jef Collapsible Chipping Net

Jef Collapsible Chipping Net

You also need to address your midrange game in addition to chipping and putting. Jef’s collapsible chipping net helps you practice your wedge and iron shots from anywhere and build a well-rounded skill set. The 23-inch net folds into a 7-inch frame for easy storage and portability.

Get it from the PGA Tour Superstore

Upgrade Your Golf Gear

Golf is a harsh and unforgiving sport, but that’s why so many people love it. Every course, hole and shot brings a unique challenge to the table, and you need plenty of practice and the right tools to overcome them. Add these 12 items to your gear collection so you can practice anywhere and take your game to the next level.

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