Equip: 12 Essentials for Plant Lovers, Week of February 14th

Sign in plant that says, "Please Don't Die."

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Do you have a plant lover in your life? You might know them by their obsession with succulents, or maybe they’ve recently gotten into propagation. Maybe they garden or simply love growing herbs indoors. Whatever they’re into, there’s a gift out there to pique their interest and help plant lovers develop their green thumb.

Here are a few ideas to inspire your shopping spree.

1. Large White Takeout Box Planter

Large White Takeout Box Planter

At first glance, you might mistake this plant holder for a cardboard takeout box. Yet, the cute little pot is actually a 3D-printed planter. It’s durable and downright adorable, so you know your plant lovers will enjoy it. Include a pair of chopsticks with this gift to really hit it out of the ballpark.

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2. Cocktail Indoor Herb Garden Grow Kit

Cocktail Indoor Herb Garden Grow Kit

If your friend wants to grow edible plants, consider gifting them a cocktail herb garden grow kit. This one includes seeds and supplies for growing mint, thyme, and lemon balm, all of which make excellent cocktail garnishes.

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3. T4U Glass Plant Mister

T4U Glass Plant Mister

Did you know that plants are natural air purifiers? Some can even clear your home of mold, toxins, and germs. However, they can only achieve this amazing feat if their leaves are clean. That’s why a mister is so important. Keep those powerful purifiers shiny and spray off debris with this beautiful, vintage-looking tool. It’s also great for watering succulents and other plants that require misting.

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4. Plant-Watering Peace Hands

Plant-Watering Peace Hands

Perhaps you know someone who loves plants but can’t manage to keep them alive. If they’re constantly forgetting to water them, they could use an automatic watering device. This decorative one sticks out of the dirt holding a peace sign, so it’ll look cool and inconspicuous.

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5. Grow Care Sticks

Grow Care Sticks

Plant lovers who lack a green thumb might also benefit from grow care sticks. These smart sensors detect soil and sunlight levels to track plant growth and provide feedback through the app. The app also features a temporary care feature that helps friends and family care for the plant when they vacation.

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6. Terrarium Candle

Terrarium Candle

Even if your friend has all the plants they can handle, they’ll still enjoy this terrarium candle. These meticulously detailed and hand-poured candles smell just as good as they look. Plus, they’ll never have to water it because, eventually, it’ll disappear, which only adds to its beauty.

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7. Growlight Frame Shelf

Growlight Frame Shelf

It’s hard for plants to get the sunlight they need during winter, especially if your plant lover lives in the midwest, where it’s cloudy all season long. Brighten their life and give the plants a boost by gifting a grow light frame shelf. The hidden timer provides low to full light options to best meet their needs.

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8. Full Moon Mud Cloth and Leather Hanging Basket

Full Moon Mud Cloth and Leather Hanging Basket

If your loved one already has tons of macrame hangers, gift them a hanging basket, instead. You can never have too much green floating around, and this basket looks great hanging from an entryway hook. This hanging basket is also available as a planter, so you can pick and choose.

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9. Please Don’t Die Plant Marker

Please Don’t Die Plant Marker

Everyone knows someone who’s crazy about their monstera or fiddle leaf fig. These plants are notoriously challenging to care for, so they receive plenty of sass from their owners. That’s why these “please don’t die” plant markers make perfect gifts. Your friend can stick them in their fussiest plants and smile every time they pass by.

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10. Square Terrarium Display End Table

Square Terrarium Display End Table

Succulents and air plants require little maintenance. Plus, they look great in any room, regardless of their style or aesthetic. Splurge a little and get your plant lovers an end table that displays all their favorite succulent buddies. They can check on their plants through the glass and lift the top to water them when necessary.

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11. Cactus Ring Holder

Cactus Ring Holder

Whether you’re buying for your girlfriend or your mom, this cactus ring holder makes an ideal gift. The decorative holder will keep their jewelry safe while they’re washing dishes, showering, and working out. It has three arms and a dish to hold multiple rings simultaneously.

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12. Onepeng Hanging Propagation Station

Onepeng Hanging Propagation Station

If your plant lovers have a green thumb, they’ll likely propagate many of their plants. This requires placing cuttings in a bit of water until roots start to grow. Help them organize their growing collection with a hanging propagation station. It’ll suit any style of room and comes with 15 tubes to hold more plants.

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Pleasing Plant Lovers

Your plant nerd is happiest when their green, leafy friends are thriving. The gifts above can help them take better care of their plants, so they’re sure to please and delight even the pickiest of recipients.

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