Equip: 12 Essentials for Gardeners


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Even the most experienced gardeners enjoy an occasional upgrade. Trying new tools or fun gifts makes life more enjoyable. If you love to spend time outdoors or have a friend with a green thumb, check out these 12 interesting and novel items for gardeners.

1. Harry Jean Standing Puller Root Removal Tool

Mowing the lawn and watering the garden takes up much of your free time, so weeding is the last thing anyone would want to do after an afternoon in the sun. It might hurt your back and fingers to spend hours ripping out tough weeds, but a removal tool takes care of both of those problems. Use the tongs to reach deep into the soil and remove weeds by their roots without ever bending over.

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2. Skeeter Screen Mosquito-Repellent Lawn Incense 

Bugs like to buzz around your ears while you’re working in the garden, but mosquitoes are a bit sneakier. You might not catch them until you’re scratching at fresh bites after dinner. Lawn incense sticks placed around your garden will release a mosquito-repelling scent over any area within 200 feet. The biodegradable ingredients are an extra perk.

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3. MyGardenProvisions Cocktail Indoor Herb Garden Grow Kit

Anyone who wants to grow something they can use in the kitchen will love a cocktail herb kit. It comes with everything you’ll need for each included herb, like biodegradable pots and a small spouted water bottle. The kit even provides cocktail supplies so you don’t need to search for a muddler or mixing spoon when it’s time to harvest.

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4. XLUX Soil Moisture Meter

The XLUX soil moisture meter takes the mystery out of gardening. It’s reliable and accurate, easy to read and does minimum harm to your plants’ roots.

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5. Havahart Spray Away Animal Repellent Sprinkler

Water your plants and teach pests to stay out of your garden with the Havahart animal repellent sprinkler. The motion-activated sensor will aim and shoot water at squirrels or other hungry critters that stop by for a snack. Don’t worry about charging it, either — it’s solar-powered for your convenience.

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6. Bits and Pieces Aerator Shoes

Lawns require aeration, but you should also aerate the soil when you want to grow something new. Heavy traditional machinery is bulky and difficult to manage. Aerator shoes change the game. Fasten them under your favorite footwear and you’ll prepare the spot for your next garden in minutes.

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7. Professional EZ Travel Folding Rake

Rakes get rid of leaves and other debris after storms, allowing your garden’s soil to dry out. Even though they’re necessary, storing them is awkward. Traditional versions don’t fit well into closets, but a folding rake solves that problem.

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8. Honey Badger Garden Bright Green Nitrile-Coated Gloves

Clawed gloves will keep your fingertips from getting sore while you’re weeding or clearing soil for new seeds. They’re extra comfortable and won’t bother your skin because they use a nitrile base. Anyone who’s allergic to latex can comfortably wear nitrile gardening gloves all day.

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9. New York Botanical Garden Log Book

Keep track of every plant in your garden and when they’ll bloom with a logbook. You can even use the extra pages to plan for future seasons. Diagram on the graphing paper or record notes so you can reflect on your successes and mistakes.

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10. Multifunctional Garden Kneeler and Seat

You should sit or kneel in comfort while you’re in your garden. This garden stool folds so you can do both. Hang your tools on the side pockets so they’re always within reach, no matter how you prefer to tend to your plants.

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11. Snapper XD Self-Propelled Utility Cart

Wheelbarrows become a helping hand in the yard, but they aren’t always easy to use. Sometimes they’re too heavy to lift, and other times they tilt too far while you’re walking. A self-propelled utility cart grants gardeners the freedom to put whatever they need into the rust-resistant cargo bed and lightly guide everything around with the assistance of an electric motor.

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12. Gardener’s Supply Co. Plant Markers

Forgetting where you planted seeds could result in a failed garden. Label everything you want to grow with long-lasting and weather-resistant markers. They’ll last through numerous seasons so you never have to worry about remembering what’s growing and where.

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Discover Interesting Items for Gardeners

These are some of the most novel items for gardeners who can’t get enough time outside. They’ll make your life easier and more enjoyable, so consider what you or your loved ones need to have more fun in your garden.

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