Equip: 12 Essentials for Pride Month, Week of May 29

May 30, 2023

A man in front of a pride flag

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June is here — you know what that means. We get an entire month to show our appreciation for the LGBTQ+ community. Celebrating Pride is much more fun when you do it in style. Learn how to celebrate Pride month with these 12 essentials for June.

1. Cards Against Humanity Pride Expansion Pack

Cards Against Humanity is one of the most popular party games. The cards let you be creative and present answers that bring roaring laughter. Now, you can play with the Pride pack.

This expansion pack comes with 30 cards that LGBTQ+ members designed. A few rounds of Cards Against Humanity leave you gasping for air because there are many hilarious card combinations.

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2. Pride Proud of You Always Dog and Cat Tank Top

Pride isn’t just for humans — pets can also celebrate! Your cats and dogs are an extension of you, so dress them up in fun Pride tank tops.

These pet shirts are ideal for summer because they’re lightweight and won’t overheat your pets in the warm June sun. They come in numerous sizes, ranging from extra small to double XL. Get one for your kitten and one for your adult dog.

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3. QiaoFei Rainbow Lights Sign

The rainbow flag is synonymous with the Pride movement. In fact, the symbol has been around since 1978, when San Francisco celebrated the election of Harvey Milk. Now, you can use the rainbow for nearly anything.

Decorate your desk with this rainbow lights sign. It uses LED lights, ensuring the device is bright while emitting little heat. You can put it on your desk, the wall or anywhere you see fit. The lights allow you to use AA batteries or a USB cord.

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4. Coconut Cottage Pride Month Flag

Pride is about celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and making everybody feel welcome. Put your hospitality on display with a garden flag for your front lawn.

The sign features the iconic rainbow colors of Pride and hands and fists raised in solidarity. It’s ideal for June and every month of the year.

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5. Uno Play With Pride

What’s better than playing cards, drinking cocktails and listening to your favorite music? These nights are special — especially when you’re playing Uno. This classic card game quickly gets competitive.

Make Uno even more fun with the Pride edition. Mattel — the creator of Uno — has partnered with the It Gets Better Project for these cards. You’ll participate in a good cause with the classic Uno game many love. Gather your friends for a Pride-inspired game night to celebrate the occasion.

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6. Favorite Day Pride House Cookie Kit

Imagine it’s early December. During the holiday season, you’re constructing gingerbread houses with your friends and having a jolly time. Now, fast forward to June. Even though it’s hot, you can still make candy houses!

This Pride cookie kit lets you build a house however you want. It comes with cookies, icing, icing tubes and candy to decorate your dream Pride cottage.

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7. OaklandBumble Pride Wreath Rainbow Sunflower

Home decor is unique for many people. How you present your home gives others a glimpse into your life. Show your pride for Pride with this rainbow-colored wreath.

Each wreath is handmade with gorgeous rainbow colors and looks terrific on any front door. The decoration will fit in June and the other 11 months of the year.

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8. Xpayzere Pride Rainbow Heart Hat

In June, you’ll see Pride events all month long. Many take place outside, so you’ll need sun protection. First, apply sunscreen — then put on this Pride hat to celebrate the month outdoors.

This hat is comfortable with 100% cotton. It comes with a sweat absorption belt inside to help you feel cool. The cap is breathable and suitable for protecting your head from the sun. The last thing you’d want is to leave your friend’s Pride barbecue with sunburn on your scalp.

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9. WSNANG Equalitea Rainbow Boba Milk Tea Pin

Pride is about celebrating equality, so getting this equali-tea brooch for your blouses and sweaters is only fitting. The pin is unisex and an excellent addition to any outfit for those wondering how to celebrate Pride Month subtly through their clothing.

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10. BrainyPrintables LGBTQ+ Leaders Poster

We wouldn’t be here in 2023 without the LGBTQ+ leaders of yesteryear. Previous generations risked blood, sweat and tears to advance these civil rights. These history-themed posters are terrific for youth wondering how to celebrate Pride Month.

It’s always a good time to thank the leaders. These eight posters include quotes from some of the most influential people of the LGBTQ+ movement, such as Freddie Mercury, Billie Jean King, Bayard Rustin and more.

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11. Adalore Pride Tumbler

You need to stay hydrated when you’re out and about during Pride. Many people forget to drink the recommended eight cups daily. In fact, nearly half of American adults consume three cups or fewer — and only 13% reach the eight-cup threshold.

Use this Pride Tumbler to remind yourself how to celebrate Pride Month while staying healthy. The canister is 20 ounces and made from stainless steel. It comes with a straw and a beautiful glittery rainbow design.

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12. Mission Market Pride Candles

During Pride, you want to show your burning passion for the LGBTQ+ community, so why not put it on display with candles? These Pride candles come with different designs, such as a man with a rainbow beard, the 2018 Progress Pride flag and numerous other fun designs.

The candles themselves have a terrific scent. They’re made with soy wax and have an amber smell. Your Pride candles burn in the summer, but their warm scents also make them fit the fall and winter months.

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How to Celebrate Pride in Style

Pride is one of the most fun months of the year. Every June celebrates the LGBTQ+ community, how far we’ve come and how much work we need to do. Use these 12 essentials to show how to celebrate Pride Month in style.

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