Equip: 12 Grilling Essentials, Week of October 12th

Burgers on a grill

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Summer may be over, but fall is a fine time for grilling. Enjoy the season with the essentials below.

1. Govee Grill Thermometer

Stop guessing whether or not your meat is ready by using a Govee grill thermometer. This handy gadget takes temperatures in as little as two seconds and features an LCD backlit screen so readings are always visible. Simply preset the food temperature, stick the probe in your steak and walk away. You’ll receive an alarm through the corresponding app when your food is ready. 

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2. Bright Eyes BBQ Light Set

Illuminate your grill for nighttime cookouts with a set of bright eyes LED lights. Simply attach these magnetic lights to the hood of your grill and keep the party going all night long. Flexible necks allow for optimal lighting and the magnets are secure on most grills, with an exception to stainless steel. 

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3. Stainless Steel Tongs

Protect your hands from the heat with these 16-inch steel tongs. The sturdy, heat-resistant pincers allow you to flip food and grill meats to perfection without singing your arm hair. Soft, non-slip handles support a strong grip so you can toss without strain. Lock the tongs closed for easy storage, wash in your dishwasher and use them again and again.

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4. Professional Grade Chef Apron

Cook all day in comfort and style with a professional-grade chef apron. This apron features tool pockets, a towel loop and a quick-release buckle to accommodate a wide range of sizing up to a men’s XXL. Cross-back straps prevent neck pain and the 27-inch bib offers full coverage to protect from splatters and stains. 

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5. Weber 7417 Lighter Cubes

Get grilling sooner with odorless, non-toxic lighter cubes. These small white cubes deliver fast, ash-free charcoal ignition even in wet and windy conditions. Leave the lighter fluid and charcoal chimneys to newbie grillers and simply light these cubes up with a handheld lighter. Then, pile some briquettes on top and get to grilling.

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6. GRILLART Grill Brush 

Avoid swallowing bristles from old grill brushes by choosing a bristle-free model like the GRILLART grill brush. Its hollowed-out design still allows you to scrape away stubborn stains and clean between grates with ease. Plus, you won’t end up with crusty char on your food.

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7. BBQ Grill Mesh Mat

Cook up vegetables, kabobs, shrimp and other small morsels with a BBQ grill mesh mat. These nifty mats prevent even the tiniest bites from falling through grates. Plus, you can easily wash them in the dishwasher, making cleanup a breeze. This set of three will likely last all season.

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8. Stainless Steel Meat Injector Kit

Become a grill beast with the Beast Injector. This high-grade stainless steel meat injector kit is perfect for intensifying flavors so every bite tastes like heaven. The kit comes with three different needles, two for liquid marinades and one for chunky marinades. Along with the kit, you’ll also receive a booklet with the latest tips, techniques and recipes. Never settle for bland meat again!

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9. U.S. Forge 400 Welding Gloves

Whether you’re an avid griller or only light up the barbecue once a year, you’re going to need some protective gloves. Luckily, these premium welding gloves will do just the trick. Shoulder split cowhide leather and a reinforced thumb provide extra strength and safety. Meanwhile, cotton and foam lining keeps your hands cool and Kevlar thread protects the seams.

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10. Pulled Pork Shredder Claws

Shred beef, chicken, ham and turkey like a real man with shredder claws. These macho meat forks are shaped like bear paws so you can easily pick up and tear apart all kinds of meat without burning your hands. They’re even great for shredding food right off the grill as the material is heat and slip-resistant. 

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11. Emily Henry Ribbed Pizza Stone

Turn your grill into an artisan pizza oven with this handy French pizza stone. Its rigid surface distributes heat evenly and cooks crust to crispy perfection every time. Plus, its lightweight design and integrated handles make the stone easy to lift. You can even cut the pizza right on the stone without worrying about chips or cracks. 

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12. Lodge 12″ Cast Iron Skillet

Cook everything from eggs to stew right on the grill with a cast-iron skillet. This 12-inch pan is pre-seasoned and easy to use and care for. Plus, it provides heat retention and even heating, producing delicious meals each time. An assist handle supports easy lifting and, at only 8.5 pounds, you’ll likely use it both indoors and out all year long. 

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Are You Prepared?

Grilling season isn’t over – it’s just beginning. Gather the essentials today and have a CDC-friendly cookout with a few close friends.

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