Equip: Top 12 Thanksgiving Essentials

Nov 03, 2023

A large Thanksgiving spread

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and families across the U.S. are scrambling to get ready with enough food, cooking supplies and decorations. Every household has unique traditions for this holiday feast, but some things are absolute necessities.

Add these 12 Thanksgiving essentials to your shopping list to make this Thanksgiving celebration the best one yet!

1. Hywestger Thanksgiving Autumn Tableware Set

If you’re having a large gathering for Thanksgiving, you probably don’t have enough plates, cups and silverware to go around. Hywestger’s 150-piece tableware set includes all of the Thanksgiving supplies your guests will need, including disposable plates, cups, forks, knives, spoons and napkins. 

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2. Dazonge Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is an easy holiday to decorate for. As long as you incorporate lots of red, orange and yellow, you’re good to go. Dazonge has the perfect indoor and outdoor Thanksgiving decoration kit to bring this color scheme to life. Banners with turkeys, pumpkins, acorns and leaves of various fall colors will brighten your home and put your guests in the holiday spirit.

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3. winemana Thanksgiving Artificial Pumpkins

Lots of people make DIY Thanksgiving decorations with their leftover pumpkins from Halloween. There’s nothing wrong with the DIY approach, but you can also get some artificial pumpkins and make less of a mess. This decoration set from winemana also includes fake pinecones, acorns and leaves to create the full autumn scenery.

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4. Nordic Ware Baker’s Half Sheets

The most essential Thanksgiving supplies revolve around food, starting with some high-quality baking sheets. Nordic Ware’s commercial baking sheets are made of natural aluminum that never rusts, guaranteeing a lifetime of durability. Aluminum’s strong heat conductivity also bakes the food quickly and evenly, helping you create perfect Thanksgiving dishes.

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5. ThermoWorks TimeStick

A kitchen timer is another key element of your Thanksgiving essentials. When you have multiple dishes cooking at the same time, a regular stopwatch won’t cut it. ThermoWorks’ timestick has a splash-proof keypad and countdown bar graph that allows you to set multiple timers at once. This product has sold out on Amazon, so you have to buy it from the company website.

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6. Black & Decker Electric Carving Knife

Whether your family prefers turkey, ham or both, everyone needs a good electric carving knife for the Thanksgiving feast. Otherwise, you’ll be spending all day cutting up portions for the guests. This electric knife from Black & Decker has all of the features you’re looking for — a stainless steel blade, comfort grip handle, safety lock and dishwasher-safe parts.

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7. J.K. Adams Reversible Cutting Board

Cutting boards go through a lot of wear and tear during the holiday season. That’s why a reversible cutting board needs to be a part of your Thanksgiving essentials. One side is indented so your turkey and ham won’t shift during carving, and the other side is flat and surrounded by a groove to soak up all of the juices. 

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8. Modern Mixology Bartender Kit

If you want to impress your guests with classy alcoholic beverages on Thanksgiving, then you should get a proper mixology set-up. This bartender kit from Modern Mixology has all the tools you need to make various vintage cocktails with ease. The kit includes a double-sided jigger, bottle opener, Hawthorne strainer, mixing spoon, ice tongs and recipe cards.

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9. Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil

People always come back for seconds and thirds on Thanksgiving. You need to keep the food warm for at least several hours after you’re done cooking, which requires a lot of aluminum foil. The 175-square-foot roll is more than enough to cover all of the meat, casserole and other leftovers so guests can help themselves after the first serving.

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10. Stack Man Compostable Food Containers

Speaking of leftovers, you need plenty of food containers that guests can take home with them. Stack Man’s 50-pack of compostable containers is an ideal solution because guests don’t have to get stuck with plastic containers they don’t need. After they eat the leftovers later, they can just throw the containers onto their compost piles. 

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11. Whaline Thanksgiving Place Cards

Organizing the seating arrangements at the dinner table is always a hassle on Thanksgiving. To make this matter simple, put a place card with a guest’s name at each seat before people start to arrive. Everyone will know where to sit and there will be no confusion. Plus, you can reuse the cards instead of buying the same Thanksgiving supplies year after year.

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12. MIUONO Flag Football Belts

Every holiday celebration needs a few traditions so guests can bond and make lasting memories. Football is synonymous with Thanksgiving, so why not start an annual flag football game? All you need is a football, a flat yard and these flag football belts from MIUONO. The kids will spend all day outside and stay out of your hair while you prepare the food and drinks.

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Make This Thanksgiving Special

Thanksgiving is a time to remember all of your blessings and spend quality time with loved ones, but there’s no denying that it can be a stressful time for the host. These Thanksgiving essentials will make your upcoming celebration less stressful for yourself and more special for your family.

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