Equip: 12 Woodworking Essentials, Week of Sept. 21


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Woodworking can make for a challenging and exciting hobby. While it is about getting back to basics and working with your hands, there are plenty of woodworking essentials that can help you make the most out of your building experience.

Whether you’re brand new to the craft and still forming your collection or you’re looking to branch out and find a few new favorites for your tool bench, it’s a good idea to see what’s out there.

1. DEKO Cordless Drill

Every woodworker needs a power drill, even just for quick fixes around the house. This one is reasonably priced, comfortable and comes with a variety of accessories so you’re ready to go on any project.

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2. Stanley 26-Inch Handsaw for Wood

This basic handheld saw is the picture of a classic woodworking staple. Use this item on a variety of projects. Since this saw is affordable, it’s perfect for someone looking to add a piece to their collection or try out a new cutting style.

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3. Highland Classic 400 Frame Saw With Turbo Cut Blade

If you’re looking for a quality frame saw, this one could be perfect for you. It’s made to last and able to withstand any project. This saw is also built to feel light in hand so you can have the freedom to keep going all day.

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4. EnerTwist Random Orbit Sander

Sanding is the way that most good woodworkers put the finishing touches on all their best creations. Using a random orbit sander makes the process easier and quicker. Once you add one to your arsenal, there’s no going back.

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5. Workmate 425 30-Inch Folding Portable Workbench and Vise

A bench is ideal for setting up your projects. This one folds up and is portable, so it can work with your space, even if it’s compact and ever-changing. 

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6. Jet ProShop II Table Saw With Stamped Steel Wings

If you’re getting serious and looking to take the plunge into some heavier-duty tools for larger projects, a table saw could be in the cards for you. This model is high quality, sturdy and overall worth the investment.

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7. WEN 12-Inch Aluminum Combination Square

Although basic, a combination square for measurement is an important tool for ensuring your projects are as spot-on as possible. It’s a small investment, but it goes a long way to take your creations to the next level.

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8. AECCN Wood Chisel Set

For smaller projects that are heavy in detail, you may find yourself in need of a few chisels. This AECCN set is perfect for beginners. If you already have a few chisels, it could work as a secondary or travel set to fill in the gaps of what you already have. 

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9. WoodRiver Chisel Mallet

If you’re working with chisels, a mallet is another tool that could be of great use to you. This mallet, ideal for detailing and refining, is a well-weighted and high-quality tool that’s sure to add to your toolbox.

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10. Grace USA Brass Hammer

If you need a hammer for all those handy projects, this brass version could be the perfect tool for you. It’s 8 ounces, which is a great weight to handle most nails. It’s reasonably priced, comfortable and high quality.

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11. Metabo HPT 10-Inch 15-Amp Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Maybe you’re not ready for a full table saw setup, but you want something that works for smaller pieces and doesn’t take up a whole room. This miter saw is great for all your electric cutting needs, letting you work at different angles with a bit more accuracy.

Get it from Lowes

12. Malco Regular Grip Scratch Awl

This tiny guy comes in handy much more than you might think. It allows you to make marks wherever you need, and will likely save the day more than once. 

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Get Working

No matter what project you have planned, you need your tools to work for you. With a good selection of quality pieces, your woodworking will move to the next level before you know it.

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