Equip: 12 Essential Items for Dog Lovers, Week of January 24th

German Shephard in the snow.

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Every dog lover deserves to have something canine-related in their life. Whether you’re shopping for a gift or looking for something for your favorite pooch, these essential dog items are sure to delight your furry friend.

1. Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl

A Slo Bowl might change the way you feed your pup forever. Eating too fast can lead to bloat, a severe medical condition that results from a dog gulping down their food too quickly and inhaling excess air. The Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl comes in various sizes and designs, making it perfect for any size dog who has trouble slowing down.

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2. Highwave AutoDogMug

Highwave AutoDogMug

This water bottle is perfect for active dogs and owners. You can easily clip it onto a backpack or other bag, so it’s a great addition to your hiking gear. It’s also BPA-free and dishwasher safe. The bottle itself is mess-free, thanks to the bowl your dog can drink out of. It’s perfect for any active dog’s life, especially if you plan to go camping with your pup in the near future.

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3. Nina Ottosson Dog Treat Puzzle

Nina Ottosson Dog Treat Puzzle

Also from Outward Hound, this treat puzzle can keep your dog occupied while you work on something else. This tool crushes boredom by stimulating a pup’s brain and encouraging them to slide and flip to get to small treats hidden away. Once your dog has found all the goodies, take it away — or else they might start chewing on the wood composite toy itself. This toy is an essential dog item for owners who work from home.

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4. AWOOF Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs

AWOOF Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Snuffle mats train dogs to find small treats that you’ve hidden throughout the mat. This toy can keep your dog busy and hone their sharp sense of smell. Instead of engaging in destructive behavior, they can use their keen sense of smell to find a reward hidden away. This snuffle mat is portable and can be folded into a bowl, meaning you can take it with you wherever you and your pup go.

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5. Zesty Paws Calming Bites

Zesty Paws Calming Bites

These all-natural bites are chewables for dogs of any age. With just one or two depending on the dog’s size, these supplements can help with stress, anxiety and hyperactivity. Natural ingredients like chamomile, valerian root and more promote calmness and relaxation.

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6. BarkBox Subscription

BarkBox Subscription

This subscription service delivers a box full of dog goodies to your door every month. Your first box will ship as soon as you sign up — and you’ll soon open a package full of unique treats and toys for your dog. Every month, it’s something new, which is excellent for your canine companion who loves surprises!

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7. Outward Hound Hide-a-Squirrel

Outward Hound Hide-a-Squirrel

This toy puzzle is for busy dogs. You can either hide the squirrels away for your dog to pull out, or you can play with the squirrels and their squeakers individually. Every part of this toy is soft, making it gentle for puppies to seniors who want to hunt some squirrels.

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8. Top Paw Toy Box

Top Paw Toy Box

If your dog is spoiled, they likely have too many toys to count. Why not upgrade their current situation and give them the perfect toybox they can reach into and grab whatever they need? This toy box is soft and aesthetically pleasing, plus it’s large enough to hold all your pup’s favorite toys.

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9. Warren London Pawdicure Dog Nail Polish Pen

Warren London Pawdicure Dog Nail Polish Pen

This nail polish is safe for dogs and can jazz up any grooming appointment they just had. The pen comes in several colors, and it’s also odorless and quick-drying — meaning that it won’t be a pain for your dog.

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10. Musher’s Secret Paw Protection

Musher’s Secret Paw Protection

This balm goes on your dog’s paws and can protect them from intense heat and cold. It’s perfect if you still need to walk your pup in extreme weather. Plus, it’s moisturizing and is made with natural beeswax.

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11. Casper Dog Bed

Casper Dog Bed

This bed features pressure-relieving memory foam and a machine-washable cover for any accidents or spills. It comes in a few different colors and sizes, making it completely customizable to your pup. Your dog should have a proper bed as soon as they come home — so why not the best of the best? This product is an essential dog item for all of the anxious pups out there.

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12. The Dogs: Human Animals

The Dogs: Human Animals

Not every dog lover owns a dog, so this book of pet portraits is great for people looking for their next dog breed. You can reduce your stress levels by up to 50% just by looking at pictures of cute animals. As such, this book would be an excellent addition to your shelves or as a coffee table book.

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The Right Gifts for Any Dog Lover

Dog lovers aren’t hard to come by, but stellar gifts that will change their and their dog’s lives are. Any of these essential items could make a change for an unruly dog or an owner who wants an easier life. Find something that works well for you, and you’ll find life with a canine companion much easier.

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