Equip: 12 Essentials for Men With Beards, Week of September 6th

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Do you think of yourself as a Viking reborn in modern times? Maybe someone you love is a member of the bearded man tribe. If so, why not reward yourself or that special someone with a gift custom-tailored to facial hair?  Here are 12 must-haves that help with brushing your beard and keeping it looking great.

1. Caffeinated Shaving Cream

You know you need your morning cup of joe to rise and shine. But could the magical ingredient in your bean brew also help with your daily grooming?

It turns out that the answer is yes! Adding caffeine to shaving cream helps constrict your blood vessels, sparing you from a gusher when you get a nick. Your skin will feel invigorated — no toilet paper dots necessary.

Get it from Pacific Shaving

2. A Boar’s Bristle Brush

If you want a thick, luxurious beard, you need the right grooming technique while brushing your beard. Brushing everything upwards gives you a clean slate from which to start your look.

However, you also need the correct tool to do the job. Boar’s hair bristles clean away excess oil and dirt with each stroke. Plus, the lack of little plastic knobs won’t leave longer beards hopelessly entangled.

Get it from Kent

3. A Set of Shaving Templates

You take a little off one side of your beard. Then you trim a bit too much from the other side. After too much back-and-forth, you end up with a clean-shaven face.

You wouldn’t paint your house without outlining your doors and windows with tape — why groom your beard freehand? A set of shaving templates gives you the perfect even thickness and shape every time.

Get it from Beard Stencil

4. A Few Sparkles

Are you headed to the club? Make your beard come alive under the neons by adding glitter.

Glitter beards are all the rage, letting guys shun toxic masculinity and enjoy a bit of fun the way females so often get to do. You’ll also wow that special someone in your life and make each kiss an adventure.

Get it from Unicorn Snot

5. A Beard Scale T-Shirt

Are you going for a neatly trimmed dad beard? Perhaps you want to rock out like a member of the band ZZ Top.

Either way, you can measure the length of your growth with a fun beard measurement scale tee-shirt. Why not let your garment set your new goal?

Get it from RedBubble

6. A Beard Oil Gift Set

Beard hair can get coarse and scratchy. The right oil keeps your face kissable.

Add shine and softness to your facial hair with a beard oil gift set. Try different varieties until you find your signature!

Get it from Beard Farmer

7. A Beard Trimmer Kit

You want to look neat and polished. Letting your beard go ungroomed can leave you resembling a caveman.

Keep each hair tidy with a beard trimmer kit. Select one with various attachments to get the perfect length.

Get it from Remington

8. A Beard Growth Supplement

Do you struggle to grow facial hair? The problem could lie in your nutrition.

You don’t have to overhaul your entire diet to get the look you crave. Add a beard growth supplement to improve your beard’s overall length and thickness.

Get it from Nutrachamps

9. A Stylish Lumberjack Plaid

You want to look your hipster best. That means cultivating a wardrobe to match your rugged appearance.

Liven up your style with a fashionable lumberjack plaid shirt. You’ll enjoy a warm and cozy bonus from the soft flannel, keeping you well-insulated.

Get it from Land’s End

10. Some Viking Beard Beads and a Threader

Do you want to look like a warrior of old? Maybe your goal is to breathe new life into your favorite cosplay.

If so, why not treat yourself — or that special furry someone — to a set of Viking beard beads? Depending on the length of their locks, they may also need a threader to achieve the fantasy look they desire.

Get it from Sons of Vikings

11. A Set of Silicon Beard Bands

You don’t need shiny adornments to add some style to your beard. You can also do so by playing with various braiding techniques. All you need is a way to hold your plaits in place.

Do so without damaging a single strand with a set of silicon beard bands. The thin, waterproof coating keeps these from tangling in your tresses the way traditional rubber bands do.

Get it from Grimfrost

12. A Funny Beard Mug

Does your favorite bearded fellow have to return to the office? Ease his transition with a new mug for his morning joe.

Why not get one that celebrates his facial hair? A funny beard mug tells everyone to respect he who holds the razor.

Get it from CafePress

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