Equip: Road Trip Essentials, Week of June 29th


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In a COVID-19 world, road trips are the new way to vacation. A combination of practicality and fear has brought back this classic American pastime. 

If you plan to hit the open road this summer, you need the right gear to make your trip successful, comfortable and safe. The following 12 items will protect you in your travels and help you enjoy a cozier journey. 

1. Stealth Angel 15-in-1 Paracord Bracelet

don’t have to pack a ton of heavy gear to have everything you need for survival
if the family truckster breaks down miles from anywhere. Why not wear the tools
that you need on your wrist? You can do so with this Stealth Angel 15-in-1
paracord bracelet. It comes with plenty besides lines for tying tourniquets or
scaling screes, including a whistle, a compass, a thermometer and a
multi-function screwdriver. 

from Stealth Angel Survival

2. TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

need a way to carry your gear, and this backpack pulls double duty, whether you
go on or off-roading on your adventures. It comes with a convenient sleeping
bag carrying system that lets you take your bed on your back when hitting the
trail. It also has ample room for your first aid kit and several changes of
socks and underwear. The sturdy back frame and adjustable straps make it
ergonomic for nearly anybody. 

from Amazon

3. Adventure Medical Kits Family First Aid 

You need to take care of cuts and scrapes while traveling, especially if you have kids. This kit comes with reading material on caring for children in the outdoors and all the tools you’ll need to patch them up until you can seek professional help. 

from Sportsmans

4. UGG Bliss Fuzzy Throw 

your motto, “No hotel? No problem!” If you don’t mind occasionally sleeping in
your vehicle, the only limit to your travels is your gas budget. When you
snuggle down under this cozy throw to watch the star show from the back of your
pickup, you’ll understand the freedom of the open road. 

from Nordstroms

5. TSV 3Way Cigarette Lighter Socket Splitter Power Adapter 

You and your SO both need to charge your phones, but you only have one lighter. Have no fear — this handy-dandy 3-way splitter enables you to charge multiple gadgets at once. It can be a lifesaver.

from Walmart 

6. DB Power 12” Portable DVD Player 

You can only play so many games of “I Spy.” To keep a kid entertained on the road, get them a DVD player.

from Amazon

7. High Road TrashStash Leakproof Car Trash Bag

You could use plastic bags from your last fuel stop, but those do a number on ocean wildlife when eventually discarded. Plus, they can tear, and then you have a sticky, stinky mess to clean. Opt for this High Road TrashStash bag instead to keep your upholstery safe from ketchup packets and half-finished soda. 

from High Road Organizers

8. Uncomplikate USB Flameless Lighter

lighters could potentially reduce wildfire risk from stray sparks in arid
regions. The USB charger on this model ensures that you’ll never run out of
butane, either. 

from Uncomplikate 

9. Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow

Your neck can grow tired from hours at the wheel. Give yourself some relief when you pull over for a roadside nap with this travel pillow that cradles your head in what feels like a cloud. 

from Bed, Bath and Beyond

10. TravelFlex Book Light 

you’re riding shotgun, you don’t want the glare of the overhead light to
distract the driver while you read the map. Instead, invest in this TravelFlex
book light to catch up on your reading when you take a break from the

from Barnes and Noble

11. Men’s Sherpa-Lined Knit Winter Fleece Cozy Slipper Socks

These fleece-lined and heaven-sent numbers keep your feet warm and comfy even if you camp in the tundra. 

from Overstock.com

12. Road Trip America: A State-by-State Tour Guide of Offbeat Destinations

Have you always wanted to find the World’s Biggest Ball of Yarn? You can find all kinds of fascinating destinations to add to your itinerary with this read. It’s perfect for perusing in your hotel at the end of the day.

from Amazon

Get Yourself Road Trip Ready With These

you want to make your road trip memorable, you need the right gear. The 12
items above provide everything you need for a safe and comfortable