Equip: Survival Essentials, Week of June 22nd


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Summer is right around the corner, and many of us will soon be packing our gear and heading into the great outdoors. As an avid backpacker, myself, I love to spend a few days alone out in the wilderness, seeking adventure. However, I never embark on the journey before packing a few tried-and-true survival essentials.

1. Diggold First Aid Kit 

of where you choose to hike or camp, danger is always a fall or bug bite away.
If you aren’t prepared to treat injuries and prevent infection, things can go
from bad to worse very quickly. It’s crucial you have a first aid kit with you
at all times, and Diggold knows that well. Check out their comprehensive pack.

$24 from Amazon

2. Stealth Angel Survival Bag

you’re taking in scenic views and enjoying the sunshine, you want to prepared.
What does “prepared” look like. It looks like the Stealth Angel Survival Bag,
which comes with everything you could ever want – and then some. 

$200 from Stealth Angel

3. Altimeter GPS With Barometer  

you should take a physical compass with you whenever heading out into the
wilderness, sometimes these gadgets don’t work correctly. Whether there be
fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field or electrical interference,
your compass can malfunction and lead you off course. Avoid getting lost by
downloading the Altimeter GPS.

Free from the App Store

4. Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag 

bags are at the top of most adventure packing lists, but what about emergency
sleeping bags? Unlike most sleeping sacks, emergency bags — also called bivvies
— are weatherproof and you can use them alone or in conjunction with a normal
sleeping bag. Check out the Life Bivy to see a prime example of a great
emergency sleeping bag.

$20 from Amazon

5. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Carrying enough water to stay hydrated on long hikes and backpacking trips is practically impossible. Water jugs are obviously heavy and awkward to pack. Plus, you’ll likely run out of water eventually, which could result in dehydration. Instead, bring this water filter from LifeStraw.  

$20 from Amazon

6. Gerber StrongArm Survival Knife 

I’m hitting the trails for days or just a few short hours, I always bring a
knife along, and you should too. While many think of a knife as a weapon or an
eating utensil, knives can serve many other purposes. From cutting rope to
sharpening sticks, these handy tools are essential for any adventure. Gerber’s
StrongArm is a great place to start if you don’t have a trusty knife already.

$70 from Blade HQ

7. TinderQuik Firestarting Tabs

good hiker knows that having more than one fire-starting options is key to
staying safe, warm and well-fed in the wilderness. What happens if your matches
get wet or your lighter stops working? In these situations — which happen more
often than you might imagine — pull out your TinderQuik tabs and feel safe.

$13 from Amazon

8. ICFun Outdoor Lighter

Even when you carry a backup, a lighter represents one of the fastest ways to get a blaze glowing. Flameless lighters reduce the chances that you’ll unwittingly start a forest fire when you need to warm yourself in the woods. It also protects your fingertips from burns. This version recharges via USB — so carry a backup solar charger.

from Amazon

9. 1TAC Paracord Survival Bracelet

You never know when
you’ll need a military-grade parachute rope, but when you do, carry one on your
wrist instead of weighing down your backpack. You can use this item to tie on a
tourniquet if you get hurt or string out a washline to keep your socks clean on
extended treks. It also comes with a stainless steel firestarter — because
twirling sticks is tiresome — and a survival whistle, compass, thermometer and
multi-function tool. It’s basically survival on your wrist. 

from Citizen’s Goods

10. Leatherman OHT Multitool

You can’t carry a toolbox
comfortably into the woods, but sometimes, you need a screwdriver to tighten a
tent peg or a pair of pliers to remove a bee stinger. The Leatherman OHT
Multitool does not disappoint. You’ll have everything you need, including
bottle and can openers — hey, hydration matters. You’ll also get multiple
knives and cutters for doing anything from stripping brush to gutting small

from Leatherman

11. Eceen Solar Charge Panel

Electronic gadgets can save your
life if you get lost in the woods —  if
they have power. Make sure you always have a charged cellphone, lighter and
other communications gear using the power of the sun. This version is compact
enough to not take much room in a backpack, and it automatically adjusts output
to work with a wide variety of tools.

from Amazon

12. inReach Explorer+ Satellite Communicator

As much as you wish they would, standard cell phones leave something to be desired when it comes to getting a signal in remote areas. In some regions of the western U.S., you could find yourself stranded and lost, even if you have full signal. However, you can always reach out and touch someone when you have a high-tech satellite phone. The price tag is well worth the investment if you venture far from the beaten path. You are, however, responsible for programming your partner’s and best friend’s phone numbers — you know you haven’t memorized them.

from Garmin

Expect the Unexpected

Avid outdoorsmen know the only thing they can expect on an adventure is the unexpected. Scraps, bruises, bad weather and bad luck are the name of the game and it’s best to be prepared if and when an emergency arises. Having these essential items on hand will help you both enjoy your time in the outdoors and survive if things get hairy.