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Sep 22, 2023

A Halloween Party

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Spooky season is here, meaning it’s time for a rad party. Halloween festivities include creative costumes, tasty food, and a few scares here and there. Are you hosting an October 31 gathering this year? Do you need some Halloween party ideas? Here are 12 supplies you’ll need to ensure a terrific time for everyone. 

1. Woanger Halloween Party Invitations

halloween party invitations - halloween party ideas

How can you set the tone for your Halloween party? Send out spooky invitations. Get creative with the design and make people feel like they’re coming to a haunted house on October 31. Nearly 70% of Americans celebrate Halloween, so you must set your gathering apart.  

These Woanger Halloween party invitations turn back time with a vintage design. Each one provides room to write the date, time and requested items to bring. Ensure you send the notices in advance to fill your party with terrific costumes, food and decorations. 

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2. Oriental Cherry Witches Cauldron Serving Bowls

cauldron serving bowls - halloween party ideas

Any party is only as good as the food you serve. Your Halloween party supplies list should include themed snacks and finger food for everyone to enjoy. Make your cookies and cakes memorable with bats, skeletons, ghosts and other symbols of the late October holiday. 

Present your goodies in these cauldron serving bowls from Oriental Cherry. You can use them for candy for trick-or-treaters or dips and chips for party guests. Your tasty concoctions will make people think they’ve tasted a witch’s brew when under your spell!

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3. Nordic Ware Haunted Skull Cakelet Pan

haunted skull cake pan - halloween party ideas

Parties are a great time to show off your baking skills, and Halloween is no exception. The cooler fall weather inspires many to make casseroles and desserts straight out of the oven. Upgrade your game with this haunted skull cake pan from Nordic Ware.

There’s no such thing as too many skeletons. This pan turns anything into a skull design, so take your pick among cupcakes, pizzas and lava cakes. You can even use the innovative design for jello and ice molds.

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4. CZolden Zombie Cupcake Wrappers

zombie cupcake wrappers

What’s the scariest part about Halloween? Some would say the zombies coming to their doors, wanting to eat them. The undead have been popular in Halloween culture since the mid-20th century, so pay homage to them with these cupcake wrappers.

CZolden’s zombie cupcake wrappers come with 24 toppers and 24 wrappers. They have blood splattered on them to create spooky vibes. The extraordinary design will fit your Halloween party food decorations.

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5. Beistle Inflatable Cooler

inflatable cooler

Don’t forget about the drinks. Your guests will want beverages ranging from wine to water and gin to grape juice. Find spooky-themed cocktails for your Halloween party ideas to entice your guests. They will appreciate witch’s brew with green fruit punch or bloody marys with tomato juice and vodka. 

Will there be a lot of kids at your party? If so, you’ll need a healthy stock of juice bottles and sodas. The refrigerator can get crowded, so use this inflatable cooler from Beistle instead. This large vessel is 30 inches by 42 inches and holds up to 48 cans. Pour ice in front of the vampire and let your drinks stay cool all night.  

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6. Dandat Halloween Skull Wine Glasses

skull wine glasses

Spooky and scary skeletons are synonymous with Halloween, and you can bring them to your party with these skull wine glasses from Dandat. Each pack has red, yellow, blue and green cups holding 12 ounces of beverages. The best part about the cups is that you can pour anything into them, and they will last for many Halloweens.

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7. Headburst Death by Trivia 

Headburst’s Death by Trivia

Are there any trivia buffs in the crowd? Holidays are the perfect time for games, whether charades or other crowd favorites. Make your Halloween party even more fun with  Headburst’s Death by Trivia.

Death by Trivia is a terrific party game for October 31 because it tests your knowledge of the spooky holiday. The only way to survive is to keep getting answers correct and be the last one standing. Ensure you have the right number of players and ambient lighting for the game.

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8. Homemory Black Tea Lights

tea lights

This holiday is more fun when you get the ambiance right. When guests arrive, you want them to think they’ve arrived at the Sanderson Sisters’ house or Eddie Murphy’s humble abode in “The Haunted Mansion.” The best way to set the tone is to lower the lights and put candles around the house.

These black tea lights from Homemory add charisma to your party without danger. Each candle contains an LED light instead of an open flame. You never know when a child or pet could become too curious and accidentally start a fire. LEDs are cooler than incandescents and candles, so put these black tea lights on your Halloween party supplies list.

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9. Aitbay Outdoor Spider Web Lights

spider web lights

Black tea lights are awesome inside your house, but what will you put outside? Your mojo dojo casa house must be the best on the block, so go all out with Halloween party decorations. Creative front yards typically have tombstones, pumpkins, goblins and other spooky items. Make your lawn stand out with spider web lights. 

Aitbay’s spider web lights are orange and purple, illuminating your yard with a unique design. The web contains 16.4 feet of lights, letting you hang them high from the roof down to the ground. Each bulb is an LED, ensuring energy savings throughout October. Plus, the waterproof material protects your lights if it rains.

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10. DUAIAI Gothic Decor Poster Frames

gothic decor poster frames

Are you hosting a haunted house this fall? Visitors want to be scared, so give them their money’s worth with scary picture frames. Each photograph should display terrifying and eerie images — the kind you’d typically see in horror films. 

DUAIAI’s gothic decor fits the bill with 12 chilling images to display in your house. There are creepy children, families and skeletons to jump-scare you at every corner. Each picture contains PET film, making it durable and reusable wherever you go. 

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11. Six Senses Media Toilet Seat Cover

toilet seat cover - halloween party ideas

When hosting, there’s no limit to how scary your Halloween party decorations can be. These accessories can even extend to the bathroom. Have you ever seen someone decorate their toilet to be spooky?

This toilet seat cover from Six Senses Media puts your party over the top with a fake hand and blood coming out of the tank. The decoration is unique and elicits screams from the bathroom from frightened guests. 

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12. Tiston Best Costume Skeleton Trophies

best costume skeleton trophies

Costumes are one of the best parts of Halloween. Kids dress up as their favorite superheroes, monsters, animals and other fictional characters. Adults role-play with different occupations, TV and movie characters, and scary monsters. Who dresses up the best?

The best Halloween party costume ideas deserve an award. Give your most creative guests trophies with these Tiston skeleton figures. Each pack has prizes for the funniest, coolest, best and scariest costumes.

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Fun Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween may be the best holiday for throwing a party. October 31 is a magical time of year with terrific weather and fantastic vibes. If you’re hosting this year, start the festivities with these 12 Halloween party decorations. These items offer a wonderful mix of fun and scary for any gathering.

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