Equip: 12 Essentials for a More Mindful Lifestyle

man embracing mindfulness

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A mindful lifestyle provides a solution to many modern woes, from chronic pain to depression. It can increase your quality of life, make you a kinder, more conscious person and broaden your perspective. 

If you know someone who’s adopted the trend, or you’re about to yourself, the right gear will make the transition smoother. Here are 12 essentials to help you on your journey.

1. A Phone Lens Kit

One of the most mindful activities you can do is marvel at the beauty of nature. Why not bring a snippet back with you? Plucked flowers die — but a picture lasts a lifetime when properly preserved. 

Plus, once you get good at snapping glorious nature shots, you can make money by selling your photographs to online sites. Alternatively, you can have them made into exquisite canvas wall art for guests to admire.

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2. A Pressure Cooker

You might’ve heard about the mindfulness activity where you eat a raisin for five minutes. While you don’t have to go to such extremes for a snack, dinner prep-time is ideal for self-reflection. 

However, when it’s crunchtime for lunchtime, you might not have the time for home-cooked meals — without speeding up the process. 

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3. A Mini Zen Garden

A Zen garden brings mindfulness to your desk. By raking your sand and arranging your stones in an aesthetically pleasing way, you calm anxiety and return your thoughts to the present. 

Plus, it’s way classier than leaving a notepad filled with your doodles out for everyone to see. 

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4. A 5-Minute Journal

Journaling is a glorious way to reflect on your thoughts and analyze how valid and informed they are. However, you might be one of the many who shies away from the habit because you get writer’s block when presented with a blank page and too much empty time. 

You can find print versions of 5-minute journals that provide reflective prompts or even download an app to start your day with mindful gratitude. 

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5. A Tea Set

If you never enjoyed a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, it’s a lovely mindfulness practice that involves preparing the beverage in front of guests, all outfitted in ceremonial finery. 

Why not recreate the experience with an authentic tea set complete with bowls. You can look for a stovetop pot or opt for a lazier modern solution by buying an electric model.

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6. A Set of Mala Beads

You might have seen Tibetan monks holding chains of beads reminiscent of Catholic rosaries.

Mala beads are chains of 108 beads plus a guru one and are used in meditation. Your recipient can focus on their favorite mantra while manipulating these gems to stay grounded. 

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7. A Set of Coloring Books

Anything artistic entails mindfulness, but coloring is a boon to those who merely want to relax without using much mental muscle. You can find inspiring adult coloring books that let you use markers and crayons to highlight encouraging sayings on your darkest days. 

Alternatively, embrace the healing power of laughter with some hilarious adult versions that will help you chuckle away future fears. 

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8. A Rainbow Yoga Mat

Yoga is the ultimate mindfulness practice, but you need a proper place to practice your flow. A rainbow yoga mat lets you or your recipient master your asanas in style. Showcase your LGBTQ+ pride or simply be the most colorful person in the stretching studio. 

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9. A Counter Herb Garden

Few things qualify as more mindful than tending to growing things. A countertop herb garden does double duty by giving your recipient plants to love and nurture and letting them add fresh flavor to their culinary creations. 

You’ll also help them breathe more comfortably by purifying the indoor air in their apartment. 

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10. A Gratitude Jar

Please don’t think that you can’t give a gift if your wallet holds only moths. If you have some colorful bits of paper, ribbon and glue, you can design a DIY gratitude jar that reminds you or your recipient to reflect on those things you do have. 

Every day, the user adds another slip of paper (or three) to the container. Whenever bad days strike, a gentle reminder of the good things is within fingertip’s reach.

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11. Some Inspirational Reading

If your lucky recipient is new to the mindfulness movement, why not jumpstart their journey with a little educational reading? You can pick up hardcover copies of the hottest meditative reads or get them a gift certificate to download the Kindle versions. 

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12. A Himalayan Salt Lamp

Advocates claim Himalayan salt lamps cleanse impurities by attracting allergens, toxins and pollutants to their surface. When they do, the nose of your favorite yogi can breathe more freely. 

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Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness can remedy many modern ills. Spoil your loved one or yourself with these novel and interesting gifts.

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