Equip: 12 Essentials for Coders


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Whether your dad works in the programming field or your niece just finished a coding camp, you probably have a few coders in your life. 

What do you buy them for their next birthday or anniversary? If you’re unsure which gifts would suit them best, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 12 excellent products to pick up for your favorite computer lovers.

1. Coffee Mug Warmer

A long day spent at your desk requires coffee. If you know a coder who always has warm drinks nearby, you can grab them a gift that keeps their beverages at the right temperature for hours. This mug warmer sits right on their desk so they don’t have to make a trip to the kitchen.

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2. Incase Icon Backpack

If your giftee works in an office, you can help them transport their gear safely and comfortably. Incase’s Icon backpack has a simple and stylish look. It comes in two colors, and the carrier will be able to hold their laptop, documents, water bottle and more, all in one space.

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3. The Pragmatic Programmer

Help your favorite coder become even better at their job. This popular book, written by David Thomas and Andrew Hunt, first came out in 1999 — and the 20th-anniversary version explores many new relevant topics. It’ll be a perfect addition to their bookshelf.

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4. Wireless Charger Stand

Most coders keep their phones nearby when they work. But cords can clutter up desk spaces and make things look messy. To help your favorite programmer keep their desk clean and orderly, you can grab them a stylish wireless charger stand. This pick from Uncommon Goods is made from walnut and charges most phone brands.

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5. Computer Patent Art Prints

Here’s the perfect present to jazz up your loved one’s office space. These art prints feature computer part drawings from United States patents. They come in various sizes and colors, so you can choose one that perfectly complements your friend’s work area.

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6. Tribit FlyBuds C1 Earbuds

If your friend needs a hands-free way to take calls during the workday, you can come to the rescue with the Tribit FlyBuds C1 wireless earbuds. A single charge gets them 12 hours of wear, so no call will go unanswered. They’re also water-resistant!

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7. Floppy Disk Coasters

Add some fun to your friend’s coffee table with floppy disk coasters. They make a terrific novelty gift. These coasters have a cork bottom to keep surfaces damage-free. Feel free to browse the other colors available, too.

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8. Glorious Panda Mechanical Switches

Upgrade your favorite programmer’s keyboard with Glorious Panda mechanical switches. These are tactical switches, which many coders love to use. They create a satisfying noise with every keystroke, so your recipient might just be motivated to code a little more each day.

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9. Sterling Silver Circuit Board Cuff Links

These circuit board cuff links can tie any suit together. They’re set in sterling silver and come in three colors, so your friend can pair them with various outfits. Plus, the artist makes the cuff links with recycled materials, so you’ll feel extra good about your purchase.

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10. Stack Overflow T-Shirt

People who like funny and quirky t-shirts will love one that references coding terminology. This stack overflow top is perfect for “Star Wars” fans, too. This gift will be the perfect addition to any coder’s wardrobe.

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11. Amysen Smart Plug

Because your recipient probably has an elaborate desk setup, you may want to give them a way to cut back on energy costs. This smart outlet from Amysen connects to voice systems so your electronics work smarter. It’s an incredible tool to streamline your work-from-home experience.

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12. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Sometimes, you suddenly have a brilliant idea. Before you lose your thoughts, you need to write them down. A smart notebook from Rocketbook lets you jot down notes the old-fashioned way. Then, you scan them with your phone to upload them to the cloud. It’s that easy!

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Gift These Fun, Useful Presents to the Coders in Your Life

Whether you need a thoughtful present for a holiday, birthday or just for fun, you should check out the items listed above. They make fantastic gifts for coders — and frankly, anyone else who’s into tech. Happy shopping!

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