GameScent Lets You Smell Gunshots, Explosions and Soon Enough, Blood…

Multi-colored vapor

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Since Pong and Donkey Kong, video games have evolved in graphics, gameplay and storytelling. Playing these titles transports you to fictional worlds where you dictate what happens. With video games becoming more realistic, what’s the next step? 

GameScent has developed the technology to let you smell what happens as you play.

What Is Gamescent?

GameScent is a small box that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to produce scents from the video games you play. You hook it up to your console or personal computer (PC), and the device uses sound to know what smells it should emit. This technology capitalizes on immersive experiences by connecting to virtual reality (VR) headsets. Is there a more realistic way to play video games?

GameScent operates with cartridges representing five smells. When one runs out, you can replace it with a new one to replenish the unique experience. You’ll have a hard time playing games without the smells once you get GameScent, emphasizing how this device elevates the experience.

What Smells Come From Your GameScent Experience?

GameScent offers five distinct scents depending on the game you’re playing. AI will disperse one of these five to put you in the protagonist’s shoes. 

1. Greenery

Whether walking around your Animal Crossing town or the forests of Red Dead Redemption, you’re walking through Mother Nature. Trees, leaves and flowers provide some of the most soothing smells, and you can get them in one of the Gamescent cartridges. Research shows being in nature helps your well-being and this device contributes to the good feelings with forestry scents.

2. Storms

Thunderstorms are a standard part of life, so developers have integrated them into games. Popular titles like The Cycle: Frontier, The Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption expertly include precipitation in the gameplay. GameScent emulates the smell of a storm, immersing you in the game’s weather.

3. Racetracks

Video games hardly get more competitive than racing titles. Forza, NASCAR, Formula 1 and even Mario Kart bring out your fiery spirit as you trade paint with your friends. What if you could smell the burnt rubber as you race at high speeds and cut close corners?

GameScent makes you feel like you’re at the Sonoma Raceway, Suzuka Circuit or the prized Silverstone track. You’ll feel like an actual racecar driver with the diffuser.

4. Bullets

First-person shooter (FPS) games are among the most popular because they put you right in the middle of combat. If you’re playing violent video games like Doom or Grand Theft Auto, you’ll see bullets fly through the air. GameScent immerses you in these experiences by emitting the smell of sulfur and smoke, making you feel like a genuine part of a Call of Duty battalion.

5. Explosion

Another typical scene in FPS games is explosions. You might throw grenades at the opposition or sense one launched toward you — regardless, you’ll hear a ringing sound in your ear once the explosion occurs. Then, you’ll smell the aftermath through the GameScent.

So, what do these loud explosions smell like? You’ll probably smell smoke, but some say explosives give off burnt almond aromas.

6. Neutralizing Scents

The smells are all fun and games until you have people coming over later. What will the in-laws think if they smell sulfur, oak trees and burnt rubber in your living room? Thankfully, the GameScent has a sixth diffuser to neutralize the previous scents it emitted.

What Smells Are GameScent Developing?

Those five smells aren’t the only ones GameScent has up its sleeve. The following scents are reportedly in the works and could debut this year.

1. Blood

Unless you’re a true pro, you won’t get through every map unscathed when playing violent video games. You’ll likely take some bullets and shed some blood along the way, so developers are working on a blood smell for the GameScent.

What will this aroma entail? Blood smells like metal due to the iron molecules, so expect an unpleasant scent. Although, the vampire gamers might take a liking to it.

2. Fresh-Cut Grass

Imagine you’re playing MLB: The Show and it’s Opening Day for your player. You step up for your first at-bat as you set your sights on Ty Cobb’s record of 4,000 RBIs. Then, you slam a hit to deep left field and smell the fresh-cut grass as you round the bases. Is there a better sensation? This grassy smell will soon be another popular GameScent aroma.

3. Additional Requests

The sky is the limit for GameScent, as its creators say there are 30 to 40 smells on deck for gamers. What could be next? The company is speaking to its community to see what scents should come next.

GameScent machines use essential oils, so creating the in-game aromas isn’t necessarily difficult. However, it says don’t ask for X-rated scents, as these may be a bit too far.

Adding Creative Layers to Gaming With GameScent

Video games have significantly evolved since the early days. Now, gamers have technology with voice recognition, augmented reality and many more fun add-ons. What’s next for the experience? GameScent adds another exciting layer with smells tailored to your video game.

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