Equip: 12 Essentials for Football Fans

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Another Super Bowl Sunday has passed, and football fans everywhere have a severe case of the blues. How can you cheer them up? Why not surprise them with a “just because” gift?

Sure, you could go for another team T-shirt or jersey, but chances are good they already have a collection. Instead, why not opt for one of these interesting and novel items for football fans?

1. A Couch Pillow Cover

Do you want the recipe for the ideal Sunday? Take one part home-cooked midday meal, one part comfy couch, one part television, and blend well. Add a football-themed couch pillow cover, and voila. You just cooked up one gourmet nap.

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2. A Massage Gun

Maybe that lucky recipient on your list isn’t content to be an armchair athlete. If they hit the gym hard to prepare for the big game, their muscles get sore. You could transform yourself into their personal massage therapist, or you could give them a gift that lets them work out the kinks by themselves. A massage gun pummels tough knots to bring real relief to serious athletes.

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3. A Team Yoga Mat

Yoga is an ideal way to soothe aching muscles after a hard day on the field — or just playing flag football in the backyard. However, who knows what germs lurk on those gym mats? Keep your loved one safer — and stylish — with a version that features their favorite team’s logo.

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4. A Football Wallet

What’s in your wallet? Why not let them keep their cash in style right up against a piece of shirt used in real NFL gameday play? The rest of the materials in this gift are also recycled, meaning you can feel good about your purchase.

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5. An Athletic Puppy Outfit

Does the lucky recipient curl up with their pet pooch to watch the game? Fido needs the right gear to show his team pride, too. So get him the hottest new fashion! The next time you stop in for kibble, pick up one of these adorable dog jerseys and team apparel. You can always opt for a collar bandana if Rover resists donning a shirt.

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6. An Endzone Challenge Game

Does your mate brag about how they could throw the game-winning pass with pinpoint accuracy? Let them prove their mettle with this Endzone Challenge Game that lets them launch soft, Nerf-style balls or discs at various targets. Put your housemates to the test — the loser has to clean up all the game-day snacks!

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7. A Pair of Ultra-Stick Football Gloves

Do you need to buy for more than one person — and one-size-fits-all won’t cut the mustard? These ultra-stick football gloves come in four different sizes so you can pick up a pair for athletes young and old alike. Let Pop Warner’s youngest receiver make the catch in style!

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8. A Helmet Chips and Dip Holder

Anyone can whip out a bag of chips and a jar of salsa. However, when the season starts up again, you want to serve your guests out of something less plebeian. Elevate your nacho experience with a serving bowl shaped like a football helmet with room to hold cheese, guac, or bean dip in style.

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9. Fatigue-Fighting Sportswear

Your recipient’s body can take a beating during daily living activities, not just the playing field. Help them fight fatigue in the locker room or board room with a pair of performance socks or calf sleeves — or both — that aid circulation in the lower extremities.

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10. An Inflatable Football Party Cooler

It might look like a kiddie wading pool, but you need cold brewskis for everyone when the whole gang arrives. Keep them on ice with this inflatable football party cooler that measures 2’ by 4’.

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11. An NFL Team Pride Projector

You could get an NFL flag for that special someone, but then they have to struggle with hanging a pole. Instead, let them show their team pride all over the front of their home when Monday and Thursday evening play begins with an NFL Team Pride projector shaped like a football.

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12. A 19-Disk “Friday Night Lights” Gift Set

Now that the season is over, what better way to spend a Sunday than binge-watching one of the hottest shows about the game? This 19-disk set gives your fan hours of viewing pleasure.

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Delight the Football Fans in Your Life

If your favorite football fan feels sullen about the end of the season, remind them that gameplay will resume before they know it. In the meantime, brighten their spirits with a novel and interesting gift!

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