Equip: 12 Essentials for Skiers

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Between helmets, baselayers and goggles, you probably have all the basics you need to hit the slopes. But what about cool extras all skiers love to make trips to the mountain even more fun? 

Whether you’re a newbie or veteran, you can have an even better time with specific tools and gadgets.

Here are 12 items to make your next adventure awesome.

1. Zippo 12-Hour Hand Warmer

There’s not much worse than frozen fingers on the mountain. It’s a given that you’ll have waterproof gloves, but you can ensure you’ll always stay warm with Zippo’s flameless hand warmer. This device provides continuous heat for up to 12 hours, as well.

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2. “Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die” by Chris Santella

If you want to know where to plan your next trip, you should pick up “Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die” by Chris Santella. This book transports readers to renowned trails around the world. It comes with gorgeous pictures and expert commentary that serve as inspiration for future destinations.

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3. Sklon Ski Strap and Pole Carrier

Anyone who’s carried their skis and poles around the mountain knows they can quickly become a burden. If you want an easy way to transport your gear, Sklon has the tool for you. This system has straps and hooks you can attach to each item. Then, you’re able to carry around your skis and poles without any trouble.

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4. Lifeline Sport Utility Shovel

There’s a chance that at least once, you’ll encounter some bad weather while you ski. If you become stranded, you can find yourself in a dangerous situation before long. Be sure to have tools, like the Lifeline Sport Utility Shovel, stored in your vehicle so that you can deal with potential snowbanks and ice.

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5. Thule Tepui Explorer Kukenam 3 Rooftop Tent

Do you like to explore backcountry destinations? If so, you might want to purchase a rooftop tent for your vehicle. Many skiers consider this equipment a must-have because it provides a warm and comfortable spot where you can rest in between trips to the slopes. If you can’t afford to buy one, you can always build a DIY rooftop tent instead.

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6. DryGuy Boot and Shoe Dryer

If you ever want to remove moisture from your ski boots while you rest, you should look into a boot dryer. This pick from DryGuy will be useful. It has an AC/DC power adaptor, so you could even use the device in your car. Let the device work for a few hours before you return.

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7. Garmin Instinct Smartwatch

Most skiers know you can’t always check your phone when you’re on the slopes. Therefore, you might want to find a way to stay connected. Garmin’s Instinct was made for people who adventure. It’s a durable, waterproof smartwatch that can receive messages, track activity and more.

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8. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Speaker

If you want to have a party on the mountain, you can pack a Bluetooth speaker. This pick from Ultimate Ears has a loop to attach to your jacket for easy access. It’s waterproof, which means you don’t have to worry about damage, either.

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9. Snow Ski Wine Rack

What’s better than a little wine to end your day? If you want a unique way to store your favorite reds and whites, you can’t go wrong with a rack made from recycled skis. Each rack holds three bottles, so you can put a few types on display at once.

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10. TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

Many skiers feel sore when heading back from the slopes. It’s essential to pay attention to your body so that you don’t injure yourself. TriggerPoint’s Grid Foam Roller will help you roll out your muscles to prevent tightness. Then, you’ll be ready to go for tomorrow’s adventure.

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11. Heroclip Carabiner

It’s helpful to have a way to hang your gear. If you need to take a break from the slopes, you should let your jacket and pants dry out as you rest. This carabiner by Heroclip holds up to 60 pounds, which means you can hang anything from anywhere.

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12. GOCOM G2 FRS Walkie Talkies

If you ever venture out into the backcountry with friends or family, you should have a way to communicate with them. These walkie talkies are a way to keep in touch while you ski. It’s possible to achieve a 16-mile range on the mountain, and you don’t have to worry about water damage, either.

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Explore These Gadgets and Tools for Your Next Trip

If you want to enhance your time on the slopes, you can explore a few different items you can use before, during and after you ski. These options are a fantastic way to make your experience even more memorable. And they work as awesome gifts for the other skiers in your life, too.

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